The 7th Tokyo Motor Show opened with over 350 exhibits

Tuesday 25th October 1960

The 7th Tokyo Motor Show opened with over 350 exhibits. One highlight of the Show was Toyota s exhibit of the Publica show car with its catch phrase, “Everybody s Car”. The four-seater equipped with a 700cc air-cooled engine and priced at ¥389,000 was called a $1000 car ($1=¥360 at that time), and attracted much attention. Toyota also announced its second generation Corona “PT20”, whilst Nissan introduced the “Cedric” with four headlights, a product springing from the technical tie-up with Austin. Fuji Precision Machinery marketed the four headlight “Gloria,” and Toyo Kogyo presented a midget car with four-wheel independent suspension, the “Mazda Coupe,” at the low price of ¥310,000.

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