The 6th Tokyo Motor Show opened

Saturday 24th October 1959

The 6th Tokyo Motor Show opened. On display were the Mitsubishi 500 following the Subaru 360 which appealed as a people’s car for “My Car” Japan, and Bluebird which refreshed itself from popular Datsun to a completely new European style car. Japan’s first full-scale sports car, the Datsun S211, was also displayed. This was a high performance car with a 1-litre, 34 hp engine. Its top speed was 155 kph. It attracted attention primarily because of its all-plastic body. Also popular were the Toyota Masterline, equipped with Japan s first automatic transmission and a mid-sized passenger car, the Gloria from Fuji Precision Machinery. Many new trucks were displayed. Most representative were the Jupiter from Mitsubishi Heavy-Industries, Elf from Isuzu, Datsun Truck G220 and Caball C43 from Nissan, and Prince Skyway Van/Pick-up from Fuji Precision Machinery. This show featured many new models developed with Japan’s own technology.

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