The 50 mile (80 km) Piombino-Grosseto road race in Italy was won by Felice Nazzaro in a FIAT 12 hp

Saturday 24th August 1901

The 50 mile (80 km) Piombino-Grosseto road race in Italy was won by Felice Nazzaro in a FIAT 12 hp. The vehicles registered for the competition were divided into various categories: The first category included large vehicles weighing over 1000 kg, the second category included light vehicles weighing less than 1000 kg, the third category consisted of small vehicles weighing no more than 450 kg, the fourth category included tricycles, and the fifth category was reserved for motorcycles. The contestants raced in turn according to the following order: large vehicles, tricycles, light vehicles, small vehicles, and motorcycles. The starting times had all been anticipated several hours beforehand at 7:30 due to poor road conditions. Not a single motorcycle arrived at the finish line: Renzo Mazzoleni, who drove Ceirano 2 ¼ HP, had given up in Vada; whereas, Emanuele Rosselli, who used a Rosselli 2¼ HP, had given up as well shortly after the start because the road was impassable. The Piombino – Livorno tournament had been the first event won by Fiat, as a result of the victory by novice racer Felice Nazzaro. His first victory was obtained while driving the Fiat 12 HP property race of Conte Camillo Della Gherardesca, making a record at 1:49:54 with an average of 44,77 km/h. Despite the poor weather, the competition was a great achievement. Even though the tram remained in service along the route, no accidents occurred during the race.

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