The 1,000th Rickenbacker car was produced

Wednesday 10th May 1922

The 1,000th Rickenbacker car was produced. When Barney Everitt decided to start up another car company, he asked Eddie Rickenbacker for the use of his name on the automobiles and named Eddie vice-president and director of sales for the company. Everitt also asked long time friend and businessman Walter Flanders to help get this car company off the ground. Everitt and Flanders had worked together with William Metzger at the EMF car company from 1909-1912. In January of 1922 the first Rickenbacker touring cars, sedans, and coupes made their debut at the New York Auto show. The cars were closer to vibration-free with two flywheels at either end of the crankshaft. This was an idea Rickenbacker had come up with while flying over Germany. He had been amazed at the German planes manoeuvrability and on inspection of several engines, found a flywheel at the end of the crankshaft. Also new on the Rickenbacker was an experimental chassis with four-wheel brakes. For some reason, the Rickenbacker never quite got off the ground. In 1923, Walter Flanders, who had been instrumental in the Rickenbacker’s design, died in an automobile accident . This had a negative impact on the company. By the end of 1923, production numbers were just under 6,000 models which was lower than expected. In September of 1926, Eddie Rickenbacker resigned from the company due to constant bickering. This would prove to be the final downfall of the car that bore his name. Because of Captain Eddie’s departure, other influential people in the company began to leave as well. Everitt made a last valiant attempt to keep the company going but by February 1927, he was forced to give up.

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