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  • 6-12 August: Motoring Milestones

    Discover the momentous motoring events that took place this week in history ……. 110 years ago this week, Henry #Ford’s first #Model T, affectionately known as the ‘Tin Lizzie’, rolled off the assembly line in Detroit, Michigan, US [12 August 1908]. The Model T revolutionised the motor industry by providing an affordable, reliable car for […]

  • 11-17 July: Motoring Milestones

    11-17 July Cars, people and events in this week’s Motoring Milestones include: German Grand Prix, Mercedes McLaren, Nigel Mansell, Jaguar and Woodrow Wilson. 100 years ago this week, after being the first sitting President to visit an automobile factory, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Aid Road Act, the first grant-in-aid enacted by Congress […]