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  • 23-29 October: Motoring Milestones

    Momentous motoring events that took place during this week in history ……. 100 years ago this week, Dodge began full-scale truck production [25 October 1917]. The first civilian Dodge Brothers’ Commercial was the famous Screenside introduced in 1917 as a 1918 model. The Screenside was built on a beefed up 114- inch wheelbase automobile chassis. It […]

  • 7-13 August: Motoring Milestones

    Momentous motoring events that took place during this week in history ….. 120 years ago this week, the Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland was founded by C Harrington Moore and Frederick Simms, and held its first meeting at Whitehall Court in London [10 August 1897]. The club evolved into the Royal Automobile Club […]