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  • Who is Responsible? A Guide for Motorcyclists

    Who is Responsible? A Guide for Motorcyclists

    Motorcycle accidents and car accidents share a lot in terms of injury law. However, there are certain significant characteristics that are unique to motorbikes that you should be aware of when determining liability in a motorcycle accident. People who ride motorcycles face discrimination One of the most challenging components of a motorcycle accident damage claim […]

  • Top Motorcycle Gear You Can Afford

    Indeed, investing in high-quality motorcycle gear can hurt your wallet. Especially if you have just finished emptying your bank account for your desired dream bike, the chances are you do not have enough budget to buy essential gears to accompany you on your adventurous rides. First of all check out Bodeenmoto specialises in the design […]

  • Motorcycle safety gear offers complete body protection to make a ride enjoyable and safe

    Sylvia Watson As much it is essential for motorcycle riders to know about the machine it is equally important to have proper knowledge about the accompanying motorcycle gear. Only when you have complete information about the options available for both motorcycles and motorcycle gears that it would be possible to ensure a smooth and safe […]

  • 21-27 August: Motoring Milestones

    Momentous motoring events that took place during this week in history ….. 400 years ago this week, the first one-way streets were established in London [23 August 1617] . An Act of Common Council was passed to regulate the “disorder and rude behaviour of Carmen, Draymen and others using Cartes.” Seventeen narrow and congested lanes […]