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  • 12-18 December: Motoring Milestones

    Cars, people and events in this week’s Motoring Milestones include: Rover cars, Formula One, Clay Regazzoni, Vincent Bendix, and Scion.  225 years ago this week, a traffic regulation in New York City established the first street to go in one direction only, or “One Way,” as the signs said [17 December 1791]…… 135 years ago this […]

  • 11-17 April: Motoring Milestones

    11-17 April Cars and people in this week’s Motoring Milestones include: Crossley Motors, Eddie O’Donnell, Maserati, Red Baron, General Motors, Santa Pod and Jaguar. 110 years ago this week, Crossley Motors Ltd was founded in Manchester, England by the Crossley brothers, William and Francis The marque produced approximately 19,000 high quality cars until 1938, 5,500 […]