Symptoms of a Bad Brakes

Brakes are the most vital part of any vehicle. This is the main safety feature for the driver and passengers. One shouldn’t drive a vehicle that has an unhealthy braking system.

Many things like weather, road condition, road type, our driving style, etc. can affect the brakes and could damage it. That’s why brake maintenance is very important. But understanding the condition of brakes is difficult and many of us ignore symptoms of bad brakes.

But no worry, this article will help you to detect these symptoms and help you understand the reason behind it in the simplest way. So, keep reading to identify the brakes problem and change your brakes with good one.

Common symptoms of bad brakes

These are some symptoms or indications of bad brakes that most of us ignore-

Slow Brake Response

This indicates one of the most dangerous conditions of brakes. Slow response of brakes could mean the brakes pads of your car is warned out and simply failing to create enough frictions to quick-stop the vehicle.

You should not drive that vehicle without fixing them because this could end up giving a worse accident.

Bad Sounds

This is another symptom that your brake pad might worn out. Any low-continuous can indicates mismatching of brake pads and rotor. It can be dangerous for both the vehicle and the people in it.  However, not very high sounds may occur for muds and dirt in the braking mechanism.

Unstable and Wobbling Brake Pedal

This indication may difficult to identify by some people. However, the bouncy and wobbly brake is a clear indication that there is a major problem in the vehicle’s braking order tramadol mexico system.

This may cause by many reasons such as problems in the rotor, brake fluid/gas cylinder problem, broken or loosed electric supply in braking, etc.

In this case, not even think of driving before fixing the brakes.

Burning Smell

This can be a symptom of an overheated clutch or brakes. It can also cause by the burning/heating of brakes pads. It this case, you may have a sharp bad smell and continuous low sound at the same time.

Though this situation may occur temporarily for driving fault sometimes it is not good at all. Find a repair shop and fix it if necessary. Always check you had released the hand brake fully or not before driving.

The Brake Indicator is On

It is a modern feature that can be found in recent model vehicles. This indicator tells you the condition of your car’s brakes and when to change brake pads. Though the indication system may vary from vehicles to vehicles, But if the indicator turned red, then its time to give a visit to the repair shop.

Understand brake condition easily

  • Keep keen attention and full focus on the car while driving.
  • check brake condition by removing the wheel occasionally.
  • Check brake-fluid level regularly.


Brakes make a car a car. So, taking great care of brakes is essential for both you and other’s safety as well as for your car’s durability. Like other things in the world, brakes have a life-time too and they will damage one day. But it gives clear symptoms and these symptoms of bad brakes can save you, your family, or friends from a fatal accident.


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