Subaru Vehicles: Should You Buy Used or New?

Some car buyers only consider the price when deciding between new and used Subaru cars. However, there are many critical factors a customer should consider to make a sound decision. Some important considerations include lifespan, warranty, maintenance, taxes, financing, fuel economy, and safety features. Unfortunately, a customer buying their first car might need guidance to assess each aspect and make an informed decision. This post analyzes these crucial factors to help car buyers choose between new and used Subaru.

Purchase Price

The low price is one of the advantages of buying a used Subaru. Therefore, buyers with a tight budget or those who want to take advantage of the price should consider buying a used subaru in utah. This is because a car depreciates quite fast after leaving the showroom. Generally, the first owner bears the steepest part of the depreciation curve, shielding the car buyer from the financial burden. Therefore, used Subaru car buyers can pay less for a reliable car and recoup their money if they decide to resell it later. However, old used cars may increase maintenance costs, reducing overall cost benefits. Therefore, it is important to consider the year of manufacturing when buying used Subaru cars.


Some people rarely consider taxes when buying cars, but it is crucial to remember. New cars attract higher taxes than used cars, which translates to savings. Therefore, customers concerned about the price and the taxes should consider buying a used car.

Car Maintenance

Subaru cars are usually reliable, and new and used car buyers are unlikely to deal with major issues. However, used car buyers are likely to spend slightly more on car maintenance than new car buyers. Cars develop major mechanical issues after being on the road for several years. Although the leading dealers replace crucial parts before selling used Subaru cars, it is only possible to replace some parts. This means used car buyers will bear high maintenance costs earlier than new Subaru owners. Used Subaru buyers should strive to find a slightly used, well-maintained car with a warranty to enjoy cost benefits.

Safety Features

Like all leading car manufacturers, Subaru improves safety features with every new model they provide. Therefore, new Subaru buyers will enjoy improved safety features such as more airbags, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, an automatic emergency braking system, and a robust frame. That said, these safety features may attract customers concerned about their safety. However, used Subaru buyers can enjoy as many safety features as their budget can allow.

Car History

Buying a new Subaru from a certified dealer is the surest way to understand a car from the manufacturer. Therefore, buyers who don’t want to worry about car maintenance and reliability should consider buying a new Subaru. However, reputable car dealers determine the condition of their cars and dig into the maintenance history before offering them for sale. They also keep service records and history reports to ensure the cars are safe and reliable.


Financial institutions are always willing to offer loans at a relatively low-interest rate to new car buyers. Used car buyers also have access to financing, but the interest rates are higher. Therefore, customers should find a dealer who works with credit unions and banks to access car loans at a reasonable rate.

Subaru car buyers should consider these factors to avoid making costly mistakes. Since the leading Subaru dealers sell new and used cars, customers can visit their website or yard to compare the available options. They can also seek more information from the dealer to make an informed decision. 

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