Storage Ideas for the Cruiser Motorcycles That You Must Try

While buying a motorcycle most people look for sports bikes whereas others look for cruisers. The name cruiser motorcycle gives the hint that it is perfect for adventure however, it is more than just an adventure-based motorcycle. Some people try to fit this kind of motorcycle according to their shape, others like to specify it according to use. While doing this, you need to keep a few things in mind, every motorcycle with a low seat cannot be declared as a cruiser however few features will give you an easy outlook on the overall definition. You will see that the gas tank is a little higher than the seat and the foot control will be seen somewhere between mid or forward foot. The cruiser supports the ideal sitting posture which is the reason it is considered a good option for long trips. You can sit properly without stretching your arms too much or without hunching your back. This relaxed posture of sitting is making the motorcycle quite famous. If you are a vintage motorcycle club fan or you like to watch TV shows related to motorcycle clubs, you will find yourself falling in love with the cruise motorcycle settle.

Why Is a Cruise Motorcycle Used?

If you imagine yourself on a cruising motorcycle you well also imagine a shiny helmet with a leather jacket, ray ban glasses, and long Chelsea shows. All these things make you stand out and complete your motorcycle persona, however, cruise motorcycles are not just used as a showstopper. Instead, they are famous for long adventures trips, camping, biker group club rallies, and a lot more.

Now that we know what a Cruise Motorcycle is, we can now talk about the features that you must look for. For the starters, you need to have a good enough engine because the frame can be changed but if the engine is not powerful, the cruiser will not be good. Apart from this, the size of the cruiser will also be very important because this is usually used for long journeys.

One of the Best Cruiser That You Can Buy Under 8,000 Dollar

Most people have a budget limit, they know what they want in their motorcycle but they don’t have enough money. If you have a budget of fewer than eight thousand dollars, you can still buy a good enough cruiser for yourself. So far, we have Honda Shadow Aero that can cost you up to $7,699 and Shadow Phantom that can cost you $7,899. Both these fall below the 8,000-dollar limit and they have so many different features that you don’t want to miss out on. This cruiser has been designed by Honda in collaboration with Universal Japanese Motorcycle. When we talk about the engine, we can see that this motorcycle has an impressive engine performance. With 56 mpg, this motorcycle can help you with long journeys. Apart from this, the seat size is 26 inches, so if you are a beginner or you are not very tall, this can go well for you. For the frame, you will see that the spokes wheels have black rims and the fenders are a pretty good size. The style can be seen as a mix of traditional classic and basic modern. Overall full fender, passenger pillion pad as well as classic chrome accents give it the traditional look that we all crave for.

How to Store Things in a Cruiser Motorcycle?

Everyone loves the idea of a cruiser and we have seen people falling in love with long journeys, club rallies, and camping trips. However, one of the major setbacks that keep people away from riding cruises is the storage capacity. We can all agree that there is no storage capacity in a cruiser and if you are going on a camping trip or just a road trip, you need a lot of things with you. We can start from the tool kit, first aid kit, and eatable but there is a lot more that you need to have. For these reasons, manufacturing companies are now moving towards saddlebags. These saddlebags are not just leather saddlebags instead they are made of fabric, canvas, leather, thick outer layer as well as different types of hard material that can help you keep things in it. One of the best things that you will find in the cruiser is the fact that it supports the saddlebags and you can hang it properly or fix it at the back.

If you are looking for a simple remedy, we will suggest you just a rider’s backpack but for the long journeys, you need to explore your options first. Some of the best options of saddlebags and luggage carriers have been discussed below:

Motorcycle Backpacks

Backpacks never go out of fashion; you can get a good backpack at any price from anywhere. You will be able to get a basic leather backpack without a hardcover or a hybrid plastic backpack with a cover. No matter what you get, you need to make sure that your backpack has easy seat support. During the long journeys, you need to divide the weight otherwise after a few hours your shoulders will get tired. The best thing is to take support from the seat, if your backpack is very high the weight distribution will not take place and you will just be hanging the whole weight on your shoulders. On the other hand, if you have a good enough back support and seat support system, you will not get tired. Some backpacks even come with a chest strap, which is another very good option because your luggage weight is getting distributed between your seat, shoulders, and chest.

Leather Saddlebags

Apart from basic soft leather saddlebags, you will also get hard leather saddlebags that retain their shape. We have seen that the shape matters a lot because it can help you accentuate the overall style of your cruiser, some people even add studs and bedazzles to their saddlebags and that is quite a style. However, while looking for a good saddlebag, try to get a dark color with a hard outer lining that has enough capacity. Apart from the capacity, you must also keep in mind that since the leather is hard, it cannot be stretched beyond a certain limit. Additionally, leather is a very high maintenance product which means you need to buy cleaners, polishers, and other supplies for keeping it healthy and nourished.

Hard Cover Saddlebags

Hardcover saddlebags have no expansion capacity, you can get something that suits you but you must also know what you are going to keep in this. As compared to leather saddlebags, they have a long life and they do not allow moisture or dust to get in. you can stuff anything you want within your saddlebag that can range from fragile technology-based material to your usual document and luggage.

Soft Leather Bags

Soft leather saddlebags were very famous just a few years ago but due to their overall look and high maintenance cleaning process, people now do not like to buy these saddlebags. These saddlebags are quite soft so you can stuff anything in them, however, because of their softness they do not retain the overall shape. Eventually, this loss of shape makes the cruiser look weird as well. However, if you are into soft saddlebags, we would prefer you to get something leather that is made of hybrid leather polymers along with plastic. This makes the saddlebags thick enough to not absorb any water or moisture on the way.

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