Star Stations

Star stations are basically Smog check stations which meets higher performance standards of Bureau of Automotive Repair. There are some Star Stations which are licensed just to perform tests while some others are licensed for performing both the tests and repairing of the vehicles. Some of the Star Stations are just authorised to perform only the tests for the smog inspection. Some other Star Stations are authorised to just inspect and repair and certify the vehicles.

The state law requires that a certain percentage of vehicles must go through a smog check investigation in a Star Station. If the DMV sent out the notice that the vehicle has to be checked in a Star station then you must take your vehicle to the Star Station. All types of foreign or domestic vehicles have to go under a smog check. The DMV decides whether it needs to be Tested in a Star Station or not.

Smog Inspection services: –

  • Diesel Smog Checks
  • DMV Renewal Smog Checks
  • Gross Polluter Certification
  • Out of State Smog Checks
  • Regular Smog Inspection
  • Test Only Smog Inspection

These services are also available for the vehicles which are powered by Diesel and even the Commercial Vehicles. A Star Station always certifies all types of vehicles. Our team works very hard to provide fast, friendly, reliable and honest services. We are committed in giving the best customer service and are always happy in clearing all the doubts which arise in the customer’s mind. We try our best to offer fast and efficient smog checks for all vehicle at reasonable price.

When The DMV has chosen the car for having an inspection in the Star Station then there is nothing to panic. Bring your vehicle to us and we’ll inspect your Vehicle and will provide you Smog Certificate and registration renewal also available if it’s required.

There are three strategies to determine that whether the vehicle has to undergo a Star Station check or not: –

The vehicles which have failed earlier in the smog inspection test because of very high emission readings. These vehicles are known as the Gross Polluters.

The high emitter profile vehicles have a great tendency of failing to the smog inspection as designated by the automotive repair.

and the random sample of all the vehicles which are driven on public roadways and are registered in the state

If a vehicle owner has been notified for a smog check inspection in a Star Station then it is nothing to get worry. It can be simply done at Our Smog Testing Station in the vicinity which is certified for performing all types of smog checks.

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