SkyACTIV Technology: All About Mazda’s Patented System

If you read the reviews left by Mazda owners in almost any of the car blogs, you’ll find them gushing about its fuel economy and how such an affordably priced car has the handling of a sportier and more expensive vehicle. How is it possible that Mazdas are so able to punch above their weight, offering such advanced design features and excellent performance at one of the most affordable price points in North America?
Part of the reason is Mazda’s patented SkyACTIV driving system. Read on to learn more about its history, and what the system looks like in today’s Mazdas.

History: Engineering for the Future

Mazda’s first car with SkyACTIV technology was launched in 2011, and was immediately praised by critics and drivers — it’s still the underlying system in many Mazda vehicles almost a decade later for good reason.
There is one simple principle at the heart of the SkyACTIV system’s design: building a lighter engine with less friction and a leaner fuel compression results in a car both significantly more fuel efficient and responsive. This has been refined over the years, so that today’s Mazdas are some of the most nimble and economical on the market.
When SkyACTIV was first conceived, it was the beginning of the era when auto manufacturers struggled to build cars that could offer incredible performance while also consuming less gas.
The approach by Mazda’s engineers incorporated elements from existing gasoline and diesel engines that created an integrated system between engine, transmission, and chassis that delivered on the manufacturer’s philosophy of “Jinba ittai,” a Japanese phrase that translates to “horse and rider as one.”
That’s why it’s so easy to feel the connection between the driver, the road, and the car in so many Mazda vehicles. Vehicles that were both this responsive to the road and fuel efficient would become the blueprint for the future.

SkyACTIV, Today

Whether you want a popular sedan like the Mazda3 or the much beloved CX-5 Crossover SUV, you can get a new Mazda today and know that years of development have gone into its conception. This system is adapted to fit different sized engines in various models, so no matter what type of vehicle you need you’ll be able to enjoy the signature feel of a Mazda.
The year 2019 marks the first time that SkyACTIV technology is available with the Mazda3, meaning Mazda’s beloved technology and perhaps its most popular vehicle are finally united. Stop by your local Mazda dealership to see it in person, and even take it for a test drive: reading about these vehicles is one thing, but you won’t truly understand this driving system until you feel it for yourself!
Auto manufacturers have responded over the years to demands from drivers, who in turn are looking for cars that balance concerns about the environment and fuel prices, while also remaining fun and safe to drive. Mazda’s SkyACTIV technology has delivered a system that meets both needs, and will likely to continue doing so into the future.

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