Six Best Car Modifications to Maximise Performance & Style

Six Best Car Modifications to Maximise Performance & Style
You love your car, right? But do you want to take things to the next level in terms of maximum style and performance?
If you’re chasing added power, improved handling and head-turning style, the good news is that modifying your car’s look and performance doesn’t need to break the bank.
In this article, we take a look at six awesome and affordable modifications that can be made to improve the look and performance of your car.

1.         Cold Air Intake

Purchasing and installing a cold air intake is quite a popular choice for car enthusiasts when it comes to improving acceleration and fuel savings. A cold air intake allows your engine to breathe and when it comes to modifications, cold air intake is cheap and reasonably simple to install.
A cold air intake allows your engine to breathe more easily, improving both performance and efficiency, by means of directing cool air straight into the internal combustion engine (as opposed to a regular engine, which supplies warm and cold air as necessary). This extra cool air is beneficial as it is dense, higher in oxygen and therefore greater dynamic combustion.
A cold air intake is a top choice when it comes to maximising the performance of your car’s engine.

2. Exhaust

Upgrading your car’s exhaust will not only result in a deeper, more desirable growl, but it can also result in performance improvements, thanks to releasing air more efficiently. Consider adding to your ride an aftermarket exhaust system, such as a high flow exhaust, an induction kit or perhaps a performance sports exhaust.
By improving your car’s exhaust system, your car’s engine is able to breathe better, as air is able to exit its combustion chambers more speedily. It’s good to keep in mind that most stock exhaust systems installed by car manufacturers are done so with the objective of noise reduction, as opposed to increasing performance. Instead, an aftermarket exhaust system allows a reduction in pressure and an increase in airflow, which result in improved acceleration (not to mention greater fuel economy, too).
Be sure to check legal requirements (i.e. noise restrictions) before making a modification to your car’s exhaust system.

3. New Tyres

Upgrading to high-performance tyres with the assistance of your local tyre shop is another easy modification to consider when improving your car’s handling and fuel economy.
It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of increasing your car’s power, but it’s important to remember that road grip is vital with regards to improved handling. Checking the air pressure of your tyres on a regular basis is a good starting point when it comes to upping road performance.
Take the time to research the best tyres for your needs, and keep in mind that more expensive tyres feature superior technology and higher quality materials, resulting in added grip, enhanced traction and smaller increases with regards to wheel torque. Also, larger tyres can enable stiffer suspension setups and a reduction in sidewall flex, also resulting in better handling.

4. Spark Plugins

Upgrading the quality of your car’s spark plugs is another great modification when it comes to keeping costs low and installation easy. An improved spark ignition (of the air/fuel mixture) in your engine’s cylinder increases engine combustion quality, resulting in greater power and fuel economy. Old spark plugs can reduce the efficiency of this critical process.

5. HID4 Headlights

Did you know that HID (High-Intensity Discharge) headlights double your vision in comparison to regular halogen lamps? HID headlights are affordable, easy to install and look awesome, and colour temperature is able to be customised – it’s no wonder we’ve included these in our top six mods for maximising your car’s performance and style.

6. Car Body Kit

An aftermarket body kit is usually one of the first considerations when it comes to improving your car’s unique style, as it lifts your car from stock-standard to show-stopping. A body kit can be an affordable choice when it comes to modifying your car, depending on materials used and the model of your car. Performance gains can also be made depending on materials and shape.
There’s a variety of online stores offering well-known body kit brands as well as their own in house car body kits which can provide very affordable prices with the same style and performance.
For a guide on choosing the best body kit, click here.

So, What’s Next?

With a huge array of great modifications available out there, these six modifications can help you to improve your car’s performance, style and handling, without breaking the bank.

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