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The way an Audi specialist handles your car will be far different from how your car gets treated in a local garage. Being a specialist in the task, his aim would be to provide the best to his customers, exactly as prescribed by the company. Yet people take the long route and go to the local car garage shop to get their car serviced or repaired. Looking at the specialist services, you will come across different packages. Right from treating specific cases, to offering general servicing, you will find a wide range of services. Finding out a genuine dealership for your Audi is not difficult.

Audi specialist

Full Service

It is essential that you send your Audi for a full servicing at regular intervals. This will help you to maintain the look as well as the safety of the car. When you choose for a full package, the service centre will check the interiors as well as the exteriors. Right from steering and suspension to the seats and mirrors, everything will be thoroughly inspected by the Audi specialist. Even the most branded car will need care, bearing in mind its functionality. In fact, servicing and maintenance will help you to retain the residual value if you ever plan to sell the car.


This kind of servicing is next to the full servicing. While, it will be undertaken as seriously as the complete checkup, but only a few parts of the car will be targeted. For instance, the body and the structure, fuel system, exhaust and its system, car seats and seatbelts, boots and brakes etc will be examined. It will be priced slightly lower than the full service, but you can resort to such kind of services when you do not have the time to send your car to the Audi specialist for a thorough check.

Audi specialist

Interim Services

In this service, the car will be checked for its mileage, cap seals, air filter, spark plugs etc. In simpler words, all the technical parts in the car will be checked by the Audi specialist. However, you will have to carefully go through the plan to know what kind of services will be undertaken by the car technicians. Also, at the end of the service, you will be given a detailed bill to know what all replacements, repairs, and labour charges were involved.

Specific Services

It is possible that you have recently had servicing and maintenance, but the car might pose some new problem. Whether it is clutch related or tyres or diagnostic, you can send the car to the experts for a review. The Audi specialist will examine the car thoroughly and will discuss the issue with you. After a confirmation, they would work on resolving the problem.

Audi specialist

In either of the packages, you can get your car picked by the station technician and delivered back home once the job is done. Most the Audi specialist services will offer you the same services under each section. However, it is ideal to visit the dealership or the service centres and confirm the same. Also, the prices for the same services might vary from one station to another as there are several factors like location and the resources to keep the station going that contribute to the package deals. However, it is always best to go the trusted places since Audi is a luxury car and you will be spending a good amount in owning it so it would be wise to make sure that you trust your car with authorised Audi specialists only.

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