Why Self-Driving Cars Contribute Less Traffic Than What We Have Nowadays

Kevin Beam

Day in and day out, it is traffic that has been consuming the time of those who are living in each metropolis. Small misunderstanding and mistakes on the road can make traffic like an unavoidable menace. It’s because when hitting the road, it is hard to expect for anyone to drive rationally.

No one is okay with the idea of driving at a constant speed because people are so much in a hurry and things are always urgent. These scenarios lead up to the idea of designing autonomous or self-driving cars.

Lesser Traffic Jams

According to research,  because autonomous cars are programmed to run at constant speed and careful driving, they tend to react to certain traffic situation faster than human drivers do. Mixing these cars in the road will somehow regulate the traffic because they will tend to control the phasing and mobility of the vehicles whether people or the machine automatically drove it.

Also, automated cars will automatically correct bad driving habits and eliminate human errors. Although it will take few years before these self-driving models will replace half of the cars that are present on the road, developers are very positive that it will bring a positive change.

Fewer Occurrence of Accidents

Although accidents are sometimes inevitable, the risks of getting into accidents can significantly decrease when autonomous cars start hitting the road. These cars follow algorithms that are following a pattern to a particular city or highway’s speed limit and traffic policies.

It estimation, 90% of accidents on the road are due to human errors. While it’s not yet absolute, these cars can significantly eliminate that factor.

Safety and Control Issues

Common fears that been rumoring around these cars are about what if humans already have no total control of their vehicle and it will eventually make them prone to hazards than safety. It was Google X who had made the first self-driving car prototype and was able to record the first incident of injury while in riding an autonomous car.

The surprising fact is, the accident arises due to a reckless human driver bumping the back of the Google Car. When it comes to issues about owner control over the car, not all self-driving cars are created equal.

There are two types, the fully automated and the semi-automated one. The first one is the one equipped with thoroughly engineered optical sensors paired with highly capable artificial intelligence to decide of traffic situations fully. The latter one has a manual driving option where the car owner has the choice to have full control over his vehicle.

Continuous Development and Innovation

Over the years since the first prototype was famous, scientists and developers are exploring possibilities for a more adaptive and reliable self-driving car. Recent developments had been continuously supporting the idea of a safer and friendly road. Safety features are on top priority nowadays.

Developers are extending resources to collaborate with other industries like those found involved in security features and Houston locksmith service for enhanced security. It will not take long enough from now, more of these roadworthy vehicles will hit each single highway.


Innovation and continuous application of developments in Science aim for the betterment of human experience. More inventions are pouring the market which is capable of making our daily lives safer compared to years before. Self-driving cars are no less than important. A future of less likely of road accidents is almost at hand.

Author Bio: Kevin Beam is a car enthusiast. He loves every detail of every car model, from its wheels to keys and often visits locksmiths in Houston. During his free time, he usually surfs the web for some new car models.

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