How to scrap a catalytic converter that is out of order?

The exhaust system converter reduces hazardous gas emissions into the atmosphere. This part is installed in gasoline and diesel vehicles immediately after the exhaust manifold or muffler.

A worn-out catalytic converter can be scrapped for further recycling. Follow this link to see Toyota catalytic converter scrap prices and terms of purchase. Specialized companies use special equipment to dispose of used converters. This part contains valuable metals that cannot be extracted without professional tools and equipment.

How do scrap dealers benefit from buying failed auto parts?

Dealers buy out failed auto parts that are no longer subject to restoration hand over parts to factories for further recycling. Such enterprises buy a shedload of out-of-service spare parts and vehicles after an accident offering in return new spare parts at a discount.

The used converter contains platinum, rhodium, gold, thus selling and buying it is especially profitable. Most of all precious metals are contained in catalytic converters installed in foreign vehicles of European, American, Japanese production. Dealers buy out old and undamaged converters with enthusiasm and offer a good financial reward for them.

How much will a used converter cost?

Here are the factors that affect the estimation:

  • Country of origin where the vehicle and spare parts are manufactured. For countries where environmental standards are strictly observed, they produce converters of higher quality, which means the content of precious metals in them is higher.
  • A higher class of a vehicle implies a higher quality of its parts and a catalytic converter is no exception to these rules.
  • Older cars have more wear and tear; with every year of operation passing by, less valuable metals remain in the converter. For this reason, the highways are covered with a layer of precious metals that get onto the road surface from the catalytic converters.
  • Racing-style driving will accelerate converter wear.
  • Poor quality fuel and added agents cause metal bleeding from the converter. As a result, the honeycomb becomes clogged and cannot purify the exhaust.
  • It is impossible to estimate the cost of a catalytic converter approximately or by feel. A special device, an analyzer, is used to check the volume of precious metals that are contained in a particular part.
  • Companies that do buy out catalytic converters but do not have an analyzer at their disposal are not credible.

It is recommended to make an appointment for selling used spare parts. The catalytic converter should be clean and dry.

What can be installed instead of the old catalytic converter?

If a new catalytic converter is a too expensive purchase, a cheaper analog can be bought. Another option is the installation of a flame arrester. It is up to a vehicle user to decide which option is appropriate after consulting with the car service technicians. A suitable solution can be found for each and every vehicle but the most proper one is to buy a new converter from the same manufacturer and install it instead of the old one.

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