How to Save Money Big Time on Car Rentals – Hot Tips for the First-Timers 

If you have never taken a car on rent before but intend to do so, you will soon realize that it can be more confusing and stressful that one would assume. It is often unfortunately far more expensive than it needs to be. Some very useful tips from seasoned travelers to save you from spending unnecessary sweat and money on renting cars. Now checkout 픽스렌트카, 사고대차렌트카 a rental car company that handles accident insurance and rental cars.

a rental car company that handles accident insurance and rental cars.

Avoid Airport Fees

Getting the opportunity to pick your car at the airport after landing or being able to drop it off there before you depart can be very convenient. However, convenience usually comes with a hefty surcharge that may not be worth it. You will discover the rates offered by the car rental firms in the city are far lower and you will be able to save substantially even after traveling to the city in a cab. Additionally, if you are arriving late, you will perhaps not need the car on the first day so that is another cost you can save.

Do Your Homework

Most people invariably book rental cars with the big agencies, however since they are invariably the most expensive; it can be well worth your time to do some research on car rental Christchurch to discover more economical agencies. Turning to one of the many price comparison websites can be a big help. However, since these websites tend to turn up cheap rental companies of whom you may not have heard of, you should check them out to see if they are bogus agencies.

Check If You Need Extra Insurance 

Car rental companies typically try to sell you their insurance plans quite aggressively. If you say no, they usually try to scare customers about what could happen if you are not covered and most often if you are inexperienced, you will give in and buy their insurance plans that tend to be quite expensive. However, if you have an auto insurance policy, you can check it out to see if it covers collision damage and rental car personal liability, in which case, you do not need to buy an additional insurance for the rental car. According to, even if you do not have your insurance, one of your credit cards may well be providing some kind of a car rental insurance cover.

Inspect the Car Thoroughly Before Delivery and Take Photos of Existing Damage

As may be expected, you are liable to pay for any damage to the rental car and it can turn out to be very expensive if you end up paying for damage that existed at the time you took delivery of the car but did not report. Be sure to carefully inspect the car at the time of delivery and take photos of whatever damage you find both outside and inside. Ensure you inform the rental company of the noted damages and also get a note certifying that there was no damage when you leave the car off.


Taking a car on rental can be extremely convenient because you can do what you please at an unfamiliar location. It can also be very economical if you have your family with you. However, by being aware of the many skimming practices of rental agencies, you can save a packet and enjoy your trip more.

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