Rover Group produced the final Rover 100 after 17 years

Tuesday 23rd December 1997

Rover Group produced the final Rover 100 after 17 years. The end was quickened by Euro NCAP (The European New Car Assessment Programme) who reported in their crash test of the car that it fell a long way behind what was considered a minimum standard in passive safety. In fact, it was given a one-star front and side impact rating, which was, essentially, a disastrous showing. Unfortunately for Rover, this story became a lot more widespread than the specialist press and it transcended the usual car magazine into the daily newspapers. Worse, the Rover 100’s performance made it to the early evening news on the BBC…Needless to say, this was disastrous for Rover and within days, orders for the car dried up. Rover was given no choice other than to withdraw the 100 from sale.

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