Rolls-Royce Ltd

Thursday 15th March 1906

Rolls-Royce Ltd. was officially registered with Charles S. Rolls and F. Henry Royce as directors. The two men agreed that Royce Limited would manufacture a line of cars to be sold exclusively by C.S. Rolls & Co. Just after the company was organised, it released the six-cylinder 40/50 horsepower Silver Ghost. The car was enthusiastically heralded by the British press as “the best car in the world.”From its formation to the start of World War I in 1914, Rolls-Royce focused on one product–the Silver Ghost. The war forced new demands on the British economy, and Rolls-Royce shifted its manufacturing emphasis to airplane engines. Henry Royce’s designs are credited with having provided half of the total horsepower used in the Allies’ air war against Germany, and World War II transformed Rolls-Royce into a major force in aerospace engineering.

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