Robin Montgomerie-Charrington died aged 91

Tuesday 3rd April 2007

Robin Montgomerie-Charrington died aged 91. He was a well educated British farmer’s son who made his first attempts in racing in the early 1950s. Married to an American wife he became Robin Montgomerie-Charringtonhis and raced his AJB Aston-Butterworth Formula 2 car in the blue and white racing colors of the USA at a number of Grands Prix in 1952. He finished third in Chimay in June and also raced at Monza for the Grand Prix dellíAutodromo, the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa and in the Grand Prix de la Marne at Reims before retiring to the USA with his wife. Only in his later age he would return to the UK where he appeared at a historic festival or two.

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