Riky von Opel,

Tuesday 14th October 1947

Born on this day, Rikki von Opel, who went on to race Formula One for the Ensign team as well as numerous races in Formula Two and Formula Three. He was a 4th generation descendent of Opel car company founder Adam Opel, heir to the family fortune, the pride of tax refuge Liechtenstein. Long before Andrea de Cesaris or Pedro Diniz, von Opel was the original racing rich kid. He was originally unwilling to divulge his family heritage, for fear that this would be more hindrance than help, so started out racing using the rather outrageous name ‘Antonio Bronco’. He is the only Formula 1 driver from the small principality of Liechtenstein. After four Grands Prix and two 9th places as best results, the heir to the Opel concern quit racing after the Dutch GP for good. Rumors suggest he became a monk thereafter.

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