How Remote Starts are Beneficial

Are you thinking about adding a remote start into a newly purchased car? Perhaps you want to upgrade your beloved four-wheeled friend who you can’t bear to give up? Either way, you’re making a great choice. Here are the top three benefits of upgrading your vehicle with a remote start.


Just imagine, it’s the hottest day on record in the middle of summer. You’ll have to climb into your leather-interior vehicle at the stroke of five o’clock to go home, but it’s been sitting in the blazing sun all day. That pesky coworker of yours took the last shaded spot. And your car is black. You’re already wincing, aren’t you?

Then, a smile crosses your face. You’ve installed a remote start! Looking out through the break room window, you point the starter in your car, and it roars to life. Inside, the AC starts cooling down your vehicle while you wash your coffee cup and put it in the cupboard. You say a cheery goodbye to that coworker and walk to your car. You get in, and it feels like you entered a refrigerator. It’s the best decision you’ve ever made.


During winter, getting in your vehicle and driving without giving it time to warm up is more dangerous than most motorists realize. A remote start provides more than the comfort factor of a warm interior. When you use a remote start to get your vehicle running, you give the engine time to warm up, making the fuel system far more efficient. You also help your mirrors and windows time to thaw. Any snow or ice will have time to completely melt before you get on the road for your drive. Ice and snow are far easier to scrape away, and even your headlights and taillights will be cleaner and more transparent, making you far more visible on the road.

Engine Efficiency

It is well-known in the automotive world that running a vehicle cold is far harder on a vehicle’s engine than running warm. This is because, when cold, the oil inside the engine is thicker, and it has a more challenging time flowing. When using a remote start, you can allow your vehicle to get up to normal operating temperature. If you aren’t sure when it has reached the temperature, just look at the engine temperature gauge inside your dash, and the needle should be sitting right in the middle. At this temperature, the oil can flow freely through the engine, and your entire vehicle will run far more efficiently. You only need to let your car warm up for several minutes on even the coldest days to get it up to temperature. Any remote start costs will surely be worth it in the longrun.

An Ideal Solution

Maximum comfort, increased safety, and engine efficiency are all thanks to one little device that provides you with the maximum amount of convenience for your daily commute. Is there any better reason you can think of for adding a remote start to your vehicle?

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