How is regular servicing of your vehicle beneficial to it

People are always very possessive about their cars. And why shouldn’t they be! Cars are a huge investment monetarily and for most people buying their first car is a long fetched dream. While doing the research about buying a car suitable for you, you may come across a lot many options until that one specific car that steals your heart and also ticks all the boxes of your requirements. Whether you are looking for an affordable hatchback or a luxury sedan, the love of a car is almost irresistible but also requires a lot of care.
Talking about luxury cars, when you buy any of them, you also sign up for their maintenance schedules which are extremely important to ensure the longevity and good working condition of these cars. Needless to say, the maintenance and servicing of these luxury cars can cost you a huge chunk of money. If you want to save on the servicing of these luxury cars, take the services of independent garages like Mercury Car Centre who will not only give you top notch quality services but also help you save up to 60% of the bills.
Regular servicing of the cars is an important aspect of the maintenance of cars. Let us tell you what all benefits you can have if you are punctual with your servicing schedules.

Ensuring safety and preventing malfunctions

While buying your car, you would not have pictured yourself standing besides the road with a faulty engine, trying to find out a mechanic or a temporary vehicle. Well, if you do not want this nightmare to turn into reality, regular servicing of cars is essential.
Taking your lovely ride to the garage every once in a while will help you be aware of any issue that might be existing within the car. Faulty steering wheels, improper fluid levels, worn out tires, glitches in the brakes and what not.
Not only this, when your car is in its perfect condition, it also ensures the safety of your family and yourself. When you take your car for a regular servicing, you make sure that none of these problems exist.


You do get your heating systems serviced and repaired every year so that they are sound. And also by doing this, you also ensure that they have a long life. The same is the case with your cars. You have paid a good share of your life’s savings to buy that care and you would not want to see it turning into junk soon.
With routine maintenance checks and servicing, you make sure that your car is in a good working condition, prevent any malfunctions, and get rid of any minor issues before they turn into something problematic. All this together adds to life of your car and keeps it in top condition.

Better performance and fuel efficiency

One of the major concerns that a person has while buying a car is its mileage. It is an important parameter of comparison between cars. If your car is running with the same efficiency you expected it to run at, then it is not just wasting fuel but also your investment.
Taking your car for regular servicing, changing the engine oil timely, repairing any glitches in the engine and repairing any wear and tear will improve the efficiency of the car and give you the mileage that had caught your eye in the first instance.
As a car owner, you will know the difference between a well maintained car and a dilapidated car. A car that is in a good condition will be smoother to ride, easier to drive, and will give you the most out of it.

Have a maintenance record and increase resale value

We understand how difficult it will be for you to part with your first love but there are a lot of times when you will have to sell your car. Having a record of all your servicings and maintenance expenditures will show that the car has been taken care of. This will have a good impact on the potential buyers.
The most important thing that a customer will look into your car will be a good performance record and your servicing records will be a proof of your car’s good maintenance. This in turn will increase the resale value of your car.

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