Rebuild Guide to Produce a Bulletproof MP3023 Transfer Case

The Magna Powertrain (MP) 3023 transfer case was brought to market in 2011, The transfer case was on the market until 2019, and there are plenty of them in vehicles in use today. The 3023 transfer case is a dual-speed active transfer case that is electronically controlled by a computer, meaning that it needs no intervention on the part of the driver. The MP3023 transfer case requires that all four tires must be equal in size and pressurized.

Rebuilding a transfer case can be expensive, with costs upward of $2,000. If you want to rebuild your MP3023 transfer case to make it stronger and have more capabilities for off-roading, there are a few things to consider.

Step 1

First things first, you will need to purchase a transfer case rebuild kit. This will include a bearing, gasket and seal rebuild kit, and a transfer case chain. Research your rebuild kits carefully, as there are several options available, and make sure the kit is equipped with more durable seals, bearings, and case chains. Additionally, ensure that the rebuild kit fits your particular make/model and year range. Some of the customized kits available may not match your transfer case precisely.

Step 2

Use a heavy-duty floor jack to lift your vehicle high enough so that you can put four

jack stands (2 front, 2 back) into place beneath the vehicle. Make sure all four wheels are supported.

Step 3

Take out the skip plate by removing the bolts that hold it in place. Set it aside.

Step 4

Your transfer case fluid will need to be drained. Find the fluid drain plug/bolt on the transfer case (it should be easy to locate), and place a pan or drip catcher directly beneath the opening. Open up the plug/bolt and let the fluid from the transfer case fully drain into your receptacle or pan. It’s important that your transfer case be as dry as possible.

Step 5

You’ll need to fully remove your transfer case. This will require you to remove the front driveshaft, shifter linkage, drive sensor, and rear driveshaft. Use the heavy-duty floor jack for help because the transfer case is not a lightweight item!

Step 6

Once you’ve fully removed the transfer case, open it by removing the multiple bolts on the outside housing of the transfer case. Once you’ve removed the housing cover, remove the retaining clip and slide the transfer case oiler out from the shaft.

Step 7

Remove the existing components inside the transfer case in this particular order: snap ring, output shaft drive, chain, drive gear, front output drive gear, shifter shaft, input shaft seal retainer, input shaft snap ring, and output flange, output shaft and input (planetary) shaft.

This is the point at which the exact components of the transfer case rebuild kit will become important. The lined clutches/steel plates in the clutch pack of the MP3023 tend to be very thin and can be easily warped. Check with the manufacturer of your rebuild kit to see if there’s a way to fortify these components. Durability across each of your components is going to be the most important factor when rebuilding your transfer case to make it stronger for off-roading. Make sure your adapter seals and bearings are thick and dense, as some manufacturers will try to cut corners and deliver cheaper materials. Make sure that your transfer case chain is at least 43 links. Make sure your retainer clip is made of dense, sturdy material.

Step 8

Install your new components in reverse order from removing them, to lubricating each.

Step 9

Close your rebuilt transfer case with a torque wrench, being careful to align the halves.

Step 10

Position the new transfer case beneath the vehicle, lift, and bolt it into place.

Step 11

Refill with transmission fluid or a specialty transfer-case oil is recommended.

Finally, reinstall the surrounding components you had to remove earlier.

Now, with more fortified components inside your transfer case, you’re ready to off-road!

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