Pro Tips from Car Detailers for Choosing the Right Design for Vehicle Wraps

The prime reason for the huge popularity of vehicle wraps is that they allow the entire vehicle to be converted into a moving billboard capable of getting the message across to thousands with great ease. Vehicle wraps are especially very lucrative for small businesses as they usually cannot afford the expense of conventional advertising but according to, even a lot of big businesses love the idea so much that they are paying hundreds of dollars every month to car owners who agree to have their cars wrapped in advertisements. However, vehicle wrap design calls for good knowledge of graphic design, including many aesthetic and technical aspects. Some top pro tips to get the vehicle wrap design right: If you have a wrap problem and no one else can help – then you should call the Wrap Team!

Take Proper Measurement of the Vehicle Surfaces 

Even before trying to think about the design of the vehicle wrap, it is important to measure the available surfaces accurately; typically, this will include the sides, rear, hood, and bumpers. Be sure to accurately note the position of the curves in the body as well as rivets, door handles, and the door placement. Back up all your measurements with photographs taken at a 90-degree angle so that you can project the wrap design on them using the computer. This will enable you to know how the design will look before you finalize it for printing the vinyl.

Make Sure the Design Addresses the Market and the Brand

It is important to make sure that the design sends all the right signals to the target audience regarding the brand and industry attributes. Bold text and bright colors work the best in the outdoor environment but you need to make sure that the combination is in sync with the existing color scheme. While you should check out what designs the competitors are using, you need to make sure that your car graphics and vehicle wraps are distinctive enough not to be confused with anybody else’s.

Avoid Overcrowding the Design

Even though you may have really good visuals and lots of things to say, you have to ensure that your wrap design shines through with its simplicity and clear communication. This necessitates the design to be clutter-free and not include too many elements. It is important not to be carried away and overcrowd the designs with too much text, lettering styles, colors, visuals. Remember, the truly effective vehicle wrap designs are those that are eye-catching and can communicate the essential message very quickly.

Visualize the Finished Looks

It can be very easy to get lost in the details but it is very important that the finished wrap design looks good and has the same impact from all angles. To make sure, observe the vehicle and see if the message comes through clearly from different angles, especially when it is caught in a traffic jam or at the signals or parked in a corner. Make sure that any text that may be hidden when a door or window is opened does not distort the message.


The best vehicle wrap design is eye-catching even from a distance, appeals to the senses with a bold and colorful design, and effectively conveys the brand message. In short, the design has to ensure huge noticeability and impact regardless of whether the vehicle is moving or stationary.

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