Rocky terrains? Swampy sand, fields, and bush paths? Whatever off-road trip you are thinking of, there is an off-road vehicle for you. You probably already know this and you’re thinking of what brand to get. It is often a tough choice when you need something like that, and you have no clue what to get. Not to worry, we will take that burden off your shoulder and arm you with the information you need to make a choice.

Or maybe you’re just fascinated by automobiles and you need to know what brands are the most popular when it comes to off road vehicles. This review is about the most popular off-road vehicles out there. But first, a look at why they are called Off road vehicles.

What makes Off-Road Vehicles?

Off-road vehicles have characteristic tires with deep markings and low ground pressure (the pressure exerted on the ground by the tires of a vehicle, used as an indicator of how smoothly a vehicle will move on the road or not) and adequate ground clearance (the difference between the tires and the lowest parts of the vehicle. Ground clearance helps you know how easily the vehicle will avoid obstacles which is characteristic of unfamiliar terrains. Some other major factors that make a vehicle off road compliant include.

  • Safety: Off-Road Vehicles are a lot safer than conventional two-wheel drives for roads that are otherwise dangerous. With an Off-Road Vehicle, you can navigate a dirt-filled road, a sandy desert trail or even a rocky hill much easier than you would driving a 2-wheel drive. In fact, Off-Road Vehicles are literally “born for danger”, yet providing safety to the rider.
  • Function: Off-Road Vehicles were originally designed for military purposes; for transporting equipment and soldiers. A lot has been modified with Off-Road Vehicles, but they are still used for heavyweight purposes. Nowadays, Off-Road Vehicles are used for rocky terrains, and recreational purposes. Some Off-Road Vehicles (e.g. SUVs and Jeeps) can also double as passenger vehicles on easier and smoother roads.

Now that I have specified the basics, let me give a review of the popular Off-Road Vehicles in the market

Four (4) Most Popular Off-road Vehicles

This is one of the most popular Off-Road Vehicles you can find. The latest model of Toyota Tacoma has a V6 engine, a 6-speed transmission with a 6800 lbs. towing capacity. This vehicle uses unleaded fuel and has an RPM of 3,800 (for Torque) and 5,200 (for Horsepower).


  • The V6 Engine of this vehicle can be paired with a manual transmission of up to 6-speed.
  • The truck bed has tie-down bows and comes with a power outlet!
  • The interior of this vehicle is quite sleek and compatible with the latest Smartphone technology.


  • The height of this vehicle might be an issue due to off-road features.

Looking for a superb Off-Road Vehicle without a roof for your everyday use? The Jeep Wrangler is one place to look. This SUV is manufactured with a 4-Wheel Drive system and a tire with Rubicon design for good traction. This ensures the vehicle has a good grip as you drive along any kind of terrain. The vehicle has a V6 engine and uses diesel. You can pay extra for a four-cylinder engine brand of this vehicle as well. Whatever you decide, the Jeep Wrangler is certainly one vehicle you will enjoy.


  • The vehicle has a convertible rooftop and removable doors
  • The Brand has countless Jeep products, addons, and accessories from Jeep and aftermarket parts to totally customize your Jeep.
  • This vehicle has a high level of rigidity and is perfect for adventures.


  • There is no manual transmission on the 2.0L brand of this vehicle.
  • The steering can sometimes be slow

Ford Bronco

The Bronco Brand of Off-Road Vehicles have been in the market for years and have not compromised on their quality. This vehicle has removable doors and roof and runs on a V6 engine in 2 versions of turbocharge (the 310-HP, 2.7L V6 engine and the 270-HP, 2.3L four-cylinder V6). Both engine types have a 10-speed automatic transmission and the 2.3L has a 7-speed manual transmission.


  • This vehicle remains sturdy on all terrains.
  • The technology of the infotainment is smart and specific.


  • The 2.7L V6 engine does not have a manual transmission.
  • Ford Raptor

A jungle needs a beast, and the Ford Raptor is one tough one! The engine of this vehicle is a twin-turbo V6, 450-HP engine with a 10-speed automatic transmission. An interesting feature of the Ford Raptor is its Jump Mode. When the vehicle is in the air, there is an air detector in the vehicle that activates the compression damping of the tires as well as the Fox Live Valve Shocks to ease the return of the truck back on the ground.


  • The features of this vehicle were built for high performance.
  • Apart from the performance of this vehicle, the design is also sleek and modern.


  • This vehicle consumes a lot of fuel.

Why Off-Road Vehicles are so Popular

Off-Road Vehicles have certain benefits, even more than others. Some of these advantages include.

  • Tires for all weather: Many Off-Road Vehicles are fitted with tires that can move on all kinds of roads, in all kinds of weather. The tires of Off-Road Vehicles are made with deep tread that makes it easier to move in surfaces like sand or mud that can easily get slippery.
  • Ground Clearance and Wheel Articulation: Due to the adequate ground clearance of Off-Road Vehicles, you can drive in places that have water and snow, preventing damage to your vehicle and confers protection to the underparts of your vehicle. Off-Road Vehicles are also made with excellent wheel articulation for stability in uneven terrain.
  • Gear Transmission and Range Transfer: When driving in an unfamiliar terrain, there will be a lot of gear shifts and movement on the pedals of the vehicle. This can cause a lot of strain for the vehicle, leading to a shorter lifespan. Off-Road Vehicles are therefore manufactured with a high torque and a low fuel usage.

You will find a lot of options when it comes to Off-Road Vehicles. In fact, there are hundreds of them. These ones reviewed here are just a few of the most popular brands and products. If you ever need to buy an off-road vehicle, this is also a good list to choose from.

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