Piero Dusio,

Friday 13th October 1899

Born on this day, Piero Dusio, an Italian soccer player (Juevntus), businessman and racing driver. He raced in the Mille Miglia (1929–38), was sixth in 1936 Italian Grand Prix, winning a class victory (50th overall) in Mille Miglia in a Siata 500cc (1937), and formed the Scuderia Torino (1939). He commissioned Dante Giacosa of Fiat to develop a racing car (1944), and formed the “Consorzio Industriale Sportiva Italia” (1944). The firm became Cisitalia and involved Carlo Abarth, Rudolf Hruska and Ferry Porsche. Dusio won in the Giovanni Savonuzzi-completed car’s premiere race at 1946 Turin Grand Prix (the Coppa Brezzi).

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