How To Organize My Garage Tools-Easy and Simple Tips


The garage can often be the most neglected part of your house. Most of us use the garage as a dumping yard for storing unnecessary items. If you do not pay attention, your garage can soon become messy and difficult to clean and organize. In that case, The Grumpy Mechanic recommended to take some time out for organizing your garage by following the below-mentioned tips:

Prepare a Floor Plan

The first step towards organizing your garage tools is to make a floor plan. This will help to where and how to organize each item in your garage depending upon their frequency of use and available storage space. You should start by taking the dimensions of your garage. Use these dimensions before buying any cabinets and storage items. Consider the location of the doors and windows and how much space your car takes. The purpose of making a floor plan is to buy only items that fit comfortably in the garage. It also allows you to group items and store them in a manner that ensures the most optimum space utilization.

Remove Unnecessary Clutter

A garage can be a very cluttered space in a house. It consists of the various tool, equipment, and accessories. Working in a non-organized garage that is dumped with unnecessary items can be overwhelming. You should start by identifying unnecessary items in your garage that are no longer needed. Dispose of these unwanted items to save space and declutter. Most people dump everything in their garage in a few bins or containers. This can make it difficult to locate and access these items when they are needed. Always keep similar items and tools together in one place. You can pull out all the items in your garage on the driveway. This will allow you to sort and organize these items better before putting them back in the garage.

Divide the Items into Different Zones

A simple yet highly effective way to organize your garage is to divide it into different zones. There are many different types of items and tools stored in a garage that should be more organized. You can divide items into different zones like car supplies, sports equipment, tools, etc. Organizing these items into specific zones not only helps to save space, but it also makes it easier to access items when you need them. Organizing into different zones will also reduce the chances of misplacing small garage tools and equipment. It will also save time in easily searching and accessing tools when you need them urgently. Planning to divide items into different zones will also help you to determine how much space each zone will take.

Use Smart and Efficient Storage Options

You should get creative and build smart storage options in your garage. These storage options can help you save space and organize your garage tools better. You can use pegboards that can be used to hang tools. They can be painted and customized to blend in with the look of your garage. If your budget permits, you can install panelized systems for securely storing the garage tools. These panels can be fitted on the garage walls that can store garage tools in an enclosed cabinet. There are various shelving options that you can choose from to keep your garage more organized. These shelves can save a lot of space in the garage. They are also portable and can be moved if you relocate.

Create Space by Hanging Items

You should save space in the garage by going vertical. Make more space in your garage by hanging items vertically on the walls. This will help to clear space and reduce the clutter. Cabinets, pegboards, wall hangings, overhead storage are all storage options that can save you a lot of space. They help to take things off the garage floor and make it clutter-free and more organized. Items that are not used regularly and that take more space can be stored in the overhead storage. you should make sure that any of these hanging items do not interfere with free movement inside. They should also not interfere with the movements of the garage door. There should be enough clearance between these wall hangings and the movement of the garage door.

Avoid Storing Specific Items

There are a few items that you should avoid keeping in the garage. Never keep propane tanks in the garage as they are highly inflammable. Similarly, storing paint cans in the garage is not a good idea. Extreme heat or cold can easily damage them. Paper products can attract cockroaches and other bugs and should not be kept in the garage. Storing pet food in the garage is another mistake that should be avoided. Pet food can attract rodents that can damage the stored items and parts of your car. It is strongly recommended to install a fire extinguisher in the garage. The fire extinguisher should have an ABC rating meaning that it will be effective against the wood, oil, and electrical fires.

Keep Your Garage Clean

Once the garage is sorted and organized, you must clean it regularly to keep it in good working condition. It is better to fix a day for garage cleaning. This will ensure that the garage is cleaned regularly without fail. Keep proper cleaning supplies and trash cans ready for disposing of the garbage. Use a good quality pesticide made from natural ingredients to stay protected from insects that can damage the garage items. Ensure a good quality broom, dustpan, and vacuum cleaner are available in the garage for cleaning any after project mess. The floor of your garage can get dirty. You should hose down the floor regularly and scrub it for removing stubborn stains and grime. It is important to weed through your garage items at least once a year and remove the unwanted ones for decluttering.


A little bit of effort and time will go a long way in organizing your garage. It can help clean the clutter in your garage and make it easier for you to identify and access items in your garage.

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