New York City to Niagara Falls; The Ultimate Road Trip

Whether they’re a month long expedition or just a couple of day’s driving, there’s something wonderful about road trips. The freedom you feel behind the wheel is never encapsulated better than when you’re embarking on an adventure. There are so many famous road trips that are possible to embark on from New York City, but if you’re after something you can slot into a weekend, that boasts spectacular views, then you can’t beat a drive out to Niagara Falls.

Start Your Hike Up the Hudson Valley

Whichever part of New York City you start your road trip in, it would be a crying shame to miss out on the beautiful views of the Hudson River Valley. So, head North West out of the city towards Poughkeepsie on the 9W. The views of the water are gorgeous and if you want to experience a little New York history then you can even make a stop at Roosevelt’s Hyde Park.

Embrace Your Inner Angler in Roscoe

From the Hudson Valley make your way further West until you reach Roscoe. This little Town is largely unremarkable, unless you have even a passing interest in angling. Known as Trout Town USA by fishermen across the States, Roscoe is known for having not one, but five of the best trout streams in the country. Stop off at this fishy haven in the Catskills and you might be rewarded with a freshly caught lunch. Failing that, there are several restaurants which will gladly do the hard work for you.

From Roscoe, make your way North towards Cooperstown. This town is incredibly picturesque, with a brick built main street that looks as though it’s been lifted straight from a film set. As well as being pretty, this little town has all of the amenities you need. If you’ve forgotten something in your road trip packing, you’ll be well catered for. A quick stop at the Omegang Brewery for those who aren’t driving would definitely be appreciated!

Let Loose at the Del Lago Resort & Casino

From Roscoe, the I90W will take you right to this next stop. If you’re feeling a little too tired to do the full drive in one go then the del Lago Resort & Casino makes a perfect overnight stop. Conveniently located right by the roadside in Waterloo, you’ll not have to cover any extra ground to reach it. The resort itself is expansive, with a casino complex, multiple dining options and even a spa.

If you want to make a proper evening of it then treat yourself to a meal in the Portico restaurant before hitting up the casino. The entertainment here is the perfect way to round of an evening. The casino boasts plenty of slot machines and table games, including several roulette wheels which are always worth a quick spin. VegasSlotsOnline has a page explaining everything you need to know about roulette rules and they are incredibly simple to learn, so it makes the perfect game for beginners. You’ll be placing your bets on voisins de zero in no time!

Fall in Love with the Finger Lakes

On the way towards the resort you’ll have noticed some of the Finger Lakes to the South. These eleven North to South facing lakes are spread across the best wine growing country in the region. The surroundings have some beautiful nature to explore. If you fancy getting in your waterfall fix then the Watkins Glen State Park could make a good stop. This park is famous for its numerous waterfalls (no less than 19), as well as it’s picturesque hiking trails. The Gorge Trail is the main one and can be followed for just two miles, enabling you to take in all of the waterfalls and gorges.

Eat Ribs in Rochester

Rochester is only a short drive from the state park, but it’s more than worth a stop for the food alone. If any Southerners have embarked on this road trip and fancy a taste of home, then they might be surprised to find that Rochester is home to some of the best Texas style BBQ outside of Texas. The Dinosaur Bar-B-Que has been running, in one form or another, since 1983. It has always offered outstanding ribs and brisket, from it’s 55 gallon drum beginnings, to its current successful franchise status. Treat yourself to a meaty lunch, then continue the drive to the falls.

Marvel at the Falls

Once you make it to Niagara falls, your journey is officially over, but what a place to end it! We don’t need to tell you what to do when you reach the waterfall, just soak in its awe-inspiring beauty and reminisce about the memories you’ve made on your journey.


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