What You Need To Know Before You Purchase A Rendering Trailer

You may be running a farm or a business that needs a . It is important to choose a rendering trailer with specifications that satisfy the needs of your farm, especially what you are hauling. You may need a tipper rendering trailer or a dumping rendering trailer; whichever you want have similar specifications.
You need to opt for the rendering trailers made by a brand that is known to not cut corners in standard specifications. Rendering trailers with liquid tight seals, no matter what you decide to haul with it, should be bought solely.  There are different custom trailer manufacturers that are capable of providing or customizing a model or option that would work and carter for the hauling needs you have.


Many farmers use rendering services to cart off their dead animals or may decide to buy rendering trailers for themselves.
It doesn’t matter how one takes care of his or her animals, once in a while, an unexplainable death may occur, and there may be the need to properly dispose of the dead animal. That’s where the rendering trucks come into play. To prevent contamination, whatever that is opted for should have some features. It is important to opt for an aluminum rendering trailer that can be used for a long time.

Features of A Rendering Trailer

There are some features that should be considered when opting for a Rendering trailer. They include:

  • Trailers that have leak-proof gates,
  • Trailers that have the heavy duty hydraulics,
  • Trailers with two point controls,
  • Trailers with blood tank,
  • Trailers with extruded hollow wall construction,
  • Trailer with lift axles,
  • Trailers with hitch option,
  • Trailers with air suspension or spring system,
  • Trailer with hydraulic lid.

Payment Option

Before we discuss some of the features your rendering trailer should have, let’s discuss an important aspect of procuring a Rendering trailer, the payment option. You may have found the perfect rendering trailer that satisfies majority of your needs or all of your needs, but paying for it and getting it delivered can be tricky.
It’s important that before you pay a dime for a trailer, ensure the seller is legitimate. Many people have fallen for scams, and have had your money duped from them.
If the seller is not known very well, be extremely wary. Don’t let your guard down even when the seller is known. A seller that hides details about the trailer or payment from you is likely not genuine. Flee for your life. Even when you are opting for a new one or fairly used rendering trailer, ensure you can view any legal documentation needed. You can use an escrow service to protect yourself from scams.

What is the Rendering Trailer’s Purpose?

Before you choose the rendering trailer to buy, ask yourself what purpose it is for. This will help to reduce the search for the rendering trailer you need.
You should eliminate those Trailers that do not meet your needs.

How Much Weight Will You Need The Trailer Truck To Carry?

It is important to look at how much weight your rendering trailer is supposed to carry. This important so as not to overload the trailer and make it spoil quickly. Overloading the trailer could put other road users at risk of harm.
When getting a rendering trailer, buy one whose payload capacity is more than that of the cargo’s weight it will be expected to haul. When a trailer’s axles are overloaded, there could be frame’s cracks, as well as cracks to the axles too.

Can Your Truck Move The Trailer?

Getting a rendering trailer that has a high payload capacity can be deemed important, but you have to ask yourself if your truck can move it if it is fully loaded. If you use a smaller truck engine, it can be damaged, with its transmission wearing out.

Some of Its Features

  • Opt for A Rendering Trailer With A Blood Bank

If you are going to use the rendering trailer to carry animals, then it should have a blood tank.
The blood tanks are usually visible in the trailer bulkhead’s front, or at the front Bulkhead’s back, in a compartment designed for it. You should opt for the blood tank that will suit your operations to ensure your rendering trailer satisfies your need. Sometimes, your job may involve having more than one sections in your trailer. If you can’t find one with that on the market, you can contact a professional rendering trailer manufacturer to discuss the features that work for you. You can opt for the stationary or the dumping tipper style model.

Braking Power

The vehicle towing the rendering trailer should have strong stopping power. Rendering trailers carrying loads that are very heavy over a long distance should be able to stop easily, and when the momentum shifts because of the heavy load, it may not be able to stop easily. When transporting liquids, it is key to stop safely and quickly to prevent spillage. A lot of trailers come with an electronic braking system that can easily know when you start applying to the brake pedal, pressure. This then forces the trailer’s brakes to engage, thereby reducing the wear and strain on the vehicle, as well as bringing it to a stop safely.

Towing Packages

Your truck may come with a factory towing package installed on it. For those that don’t have same, it is recommended not to tow a trailer using a bumper hitch. A steel frame tow package fixed on the steel frame of the vehicle is the most ideal solution.

Ball and Hitches

Not every hitch attached to a Rendering trailer has similar ratings. The hitch can be rated for different weight values.

Hitch Weight Classes

Weight level above 10,000 pounds should have a Gooseneck hitch, as well as a Fifth Wheel Hitch. These hitches can be used for close to 25,000 pounds.
Class IV: This can be used for loads up to 10,000 pounds.
Class III: This can be used for those loads up to 5,000 pounds.
Class II: This can be used for those loads up to 3,500 pounds.
Class I: This hitch can be used for loads up to 2,000 pounds. They are called light loads.

Goosenecks and Fifth Wheels

Goosenecks are for loads more than 10,000 pounds. This gives the rendering trailer more stability when compared to the bumper pull style hitch. The fifth wheels get designed using the semi-trailers concept. This hitch makes use of a pin receiver and a kingpin.

Scan The Rendering Trailer For Road Worthiness

When getting a fairly used rendering trailer, it is important to test the trailer for roadworthiness. You need to test all the features listed above to be sure it is working well. You may need to take it for a test run. Do not buy a fairly used re seeing trailer, if the seller refuses you from testing it. Check the entire trailer’s mechanics.
Even for a new rendering trailer, the seller should allow you test drive it for a short distance.

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