How are motorcycle wraps changing the way riders see automobile maintenance and painting costs?

A lot of kids dream about being a pilot, an actor, a sportsman, an astronaut or a successful entrepreneur. The goals in their life differ considerably, but in most of the cases, they share a lot for bikes. As they grow old, their bikes turn into motorbikes and cars. There are tons of people around the world who own cars, but the prefer motorcycles. There is a specific reason for that. While you are riding a motorbike, you can feel the wind in your face, you can sense the speed, and you can see the beauty of the road, fields, trees and the distant skyline. There is no barrier between you and the outside. The experience during driving can be restrictive. In one way, motorcycles are the sign of control, power, thrill, and fun; all put in one neat package.

Understanding your relationship with your steel horse

Classifying a person’s love for their beast is not that easy, but there are the dedicated riders, racers, hobby riders and thrill seekers. No matter how you see your relationship with your motorcycle, we are sure you want to keep it looking as new as possible. That is where things become tricky. People often do not get enough time to wash their sports bikes and cruisers. Dirt and mud can pile up on the mudguard, between the sockets and on parts of the paint causing damage to the polish and its smoothness. Finally, owning a real motorcycle makes them realize how much of a responsibility it is. Research shows that over 55% of the bikers give up riding after they hit their 40s. Sometimes it is due to unfortunate incidents involving accidents, but mostly because the cost and labor of maintenance become too high after a point.  

Motorcycle vinyl wraps can breathe youth into your old ride

Are you rethinking your decision to invest in a motorbike? Maybe it is time you thought about the smarter way to keep it looking evergreen. Why would you need to paint a motorcycle, if you could wrap it in vinyl? The new printing technology offers breathtaking new designs and exciting color options that can fit your taste perfectly. Here are a few advantages of choosing a motorcycle wrap over conventional maintenance and painting options –

  1. The vinyl motorcycle wraps last longer. They do not peel off on slight scratches.
  2. These are weatherproof. Wraps can stand the long hours in the sun, and they do not fade as quickly as some of the best quality paints do within the first year.
  3. They are more cost-effective than a paint job. Vinyl wraps are easier to apply and they last longer.
  4. You can apply them on your own. Customization takes only a couple of minutes. Your shop or design house of choice can print them out for you in a ready-to-apply form. They are much neater than painting.
  5. You can dress up your bike any way you want. Are you a fan of the Ghost Rider? Do you love AC/DC? You can display your love and loyalty to any pop culture icon with the right selection of motorcycle wrap art.
  6. These are applicable for all kinds of motorbikes, ATV quad bikes, dirt bikes, sports bikes, cruisers, and scooters.

The only thing that is holding you back is your old scooter with its wrinkly paint and unfortunate dents. Did we say? These cool vinyl stickers come with a no-bubble technology. They are durable and sturdy. That means they can quickly cover up minor kinks, scratches, and dents. Pepping up your old ride was never more straightforward.

Motorcycle wraps are the perfect excuse to bond

Do you have an old moped or a vintage bike you want to gift to your younger brother or sister? Are you afraid that they would find it uncool or ugly due to the miserable condition of the paint on the body? It is time for you to stop worrying because these stickers cum wraps can transform them from an ailing pile of rust to a powerful machine in no-time. They are cheap, easy to personalize and they are easy to apply. You can work on your ride with your siblings or children. It will give you an excellent bonding activity, while you get to share some safe-riding tips with them. Usually, checking out a video or two is enough for the application of the wraps.

What else can you personalize with these cool vinyl wraps?

Did you know? You can also design vinyl wraps for your helmet and your riding gear. It gives you an excellent chance to match your riding gear to your motorbike. Here are a few ways you can add a personal touch of art to your belongings and make motorcycling a real part of your daily life –

  1. You can design motorcycle helmet wraps that match the theme of the main wrap.
  2. You can vinyl wrap your motorcycle tank as well.
  3. You can design small decals, outstanding graphics, windshield art, mudguard wraps and gas tank decals for your motorbike.

In short, motorcycle vinyl wraps are the best way to jazz up your ride without spending a fortune on refurbishing. The easy customization option allows you to preserve and strengthen the special bond you have always shared with it.
You must remember that once you apply a wrap, you can take it off and use another one soon. You do not have to stick to one design or art for life. Since the process of application and removal is quick and easy, you can do it at home, at no added cost. As long as you ensure that you are sticking to the right temperature and pressure requirements during the application, you do not have to worry about the safety of the original color during the removal process. The paintwork can remain undamaged irrespective of the number of times you apply the wraps.

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