Why Metal Storage Systems is Worthy for Your Garage

Is your garage starting to look like the site of tornado aftermath? It’s easy to keep piling tools and toys into the garage, but one day you’ll walk in to find that space has become too cramped to see anything.

The good news is; you’re not alone. While the garage looks like the ideal place to dump stuff that won’t fit into your storage room, this ends up being a problem if those items aren’t organized properly.

The best way to maximize metal garage space is by installing metal storage systems.

The great thing about metal storage systems is that they’re durable, reliable and long-lasting. They’ll guarantee that everything has its place and your garage looks like someone still lives at your house. Read out to obtain how you can customize and make the most out of metal storage systems for your garage.

Metal storage systems for the garage

Putting up a metal storage system can go a long way to help you de-clutter your garage and make it a neat and tidy space. Plus, they present you with a world of possibility, as you can organize them any way you like with accessories like metal racking and storage baskets.

– Slot-wall organization system:

Incorporating slot-wall organization into your metal storage system will make everything more accessible. It also allows you to keep certain items out of reach for kids and pets.

– Shelves:

Shelving is a no-brainer when it comes to creating storage in your garage however you have to be careful about the material out of which the shelves are made. Metal shelves are the most preferred option by homeowners because they’re durable and can handle heavy loads as well.

Consider adjustable shelves particularly because you can adapt them to your changing needs over time. You may need more large shelves to store items temporarily now but will require smaller spaces in the future.

Try and incorporate overhead shelves as well to store lightweight items like sleeping bags. Doing that will preserve you a ton of space as you continue to accumulate things and this is inevitable if you live in the 21st century!

– Cabinets:

Incorporate metal cabinet systems with short legs that will give the space a 3-dimensional feel and make it easier to clean below them. Also, don’t be shy to go all out with both lower and upper cabinets.

Ideally, your lower cabinets should have a depth of 24 inches so that you can customize them and add a workbench later on if you like. For great accessibility, make sure that your upper cabinets measure at least 12 inches or more.

– Pegboards:

Pegboards are a favorite among most homeowners because they’re simple, easy to install and use. They’re suitable for many versatile uses and are available in attractive and durable metal.

You can paint your pegboards for a truly customized look and have them match with your walls. On the other hand, washing them, a light color can facilitate greater tool visibility and accessibility. Be sure to incorporate snap-in locks to help keep the pegboards in place.

– Storage grids:

Another great way to organize your garage is through metal wall storage grids. These are very versatile and can work with many different shelves, baskets, hooks, and accessories. You can even attach them on the ceiling of your garage to use every inch of space you have and not have to worry about storage again. Most grids can hold quite a lot of weight, but we recommend a unit with welded intersections for extra strength.

Garage grids can be utilized to store pretty much anything, from your heavy-duty tools to sports and recreational equipment, as well as your bikes and kids’ toys.

Joists and rafters are a great addition to your grid system because they allow you to hang heavy items and while helping to extend the lifespan of your metal storage system.

Lastly, metal wire grids are smaller, more functional and allow for greater accessibility to your tools when installing right above your workbench.

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