Why Mazda predictive i – Active has become drive’s choice!!!

Kate Hamilton

Already tired of driving in the snow in Canada? Its only December, and Toronto is expecting up to 40 cm of accumulated snow in a few days, making commuting and driving painful.

If you buy vehicle with conventional AWD, you can face two type of problems, either the vehicle will consume more fuel or it will compel you to face ill effect of “torque lag” and due to which they stumble in the second half when you require more grip. But now a one stop solution can heal all your pain as Mazda has introduced predictive i-Active AWD system which does neither.

Mazda CX-5

This is not a daily incident, but this happens when you are stopped at a breakeven point of slippery slope and can’t get sufficient traction to securely pull away. To empower drivers in such condition, Mazda has offered the predictive i-Active system on CX-3, CX-5 compact and middle-sized CUVs and also on all new 16CX-9 CUV.

Mazda CX-9

Mazda has taken the AWD system to another level of capability. Its on-demand features assist to ensure more buoyant driver. The system has plenty of sensors through which it can read the intentions of the driver. That means how sharply the driver is turning the steering wheel and what the pressure of its brakes is. By considering these facts this advance system determines how it is going to respond, in order to gain the optimum control.

The regulator of AWD system tests 200 times in each second for those information which comes from 27 sensors. In addition, constantly monitoring outside temperature, operation of wipers, even how much amount of torque is mandatory to rotate the front wheels that too also the system can decide. In short it knows, whether it is snowing outside or raining, if the motorway is slippery or driver is driving through the hilly area.

Most of the AWD frameworks don’t lock the transfer case to move torque to the rear wheel till after slippage is discovered to prevent destroying the transfer case. The alarming point is that when transfer case of AWD system is locked on dried surface, then it can push you into situation called drivetrain binding, during that car axle can’t pivot at various speeds to accommodate the various distances wheels travel amid turning. But i-Active is made to transfer more than require amount of power to the rear wheel to avoid occurrence of slippage. Therefore, through this mechanism, the traction are associated to AWD system by utilizing minimal consumption of fuel.

According to Dave Coleman, Mazda North America development engineer, it is very crucial to determine in case of AWD when it should be locked up and when it should not be. Therefore, the system will react consequently when it will understand the whole scenario -surface, vehicle angle and motive of the driver.  For Mazda i Active system needs 1% wheel slip indication to involve completely the AWD system and then it will take the decision on the basis of these information. The system has no side-to-side power vectoring, but it utilizes conventional traction-control braking to transfer the torque to the rear axle or front axle with grip.

Normally 98% of power is transmitted to the front wheel in case of normal driving, though a minor percentage is transferred to the AWD is prepared to promptly involve when required. The rear wheels are involved through a multi plate clutch that is activated electromagnetically and stimulated by a pilot clutch for fast response.

Coleman also mentioned that it is not always true that driving through front wheel drive system will be the most efficient. Instead of that he notified, while the front wheel undergoes through few slippage, a backward bias of up 40% can bring you that best result in fuel economy. Therefore, those who are looking for a car that’s fuel economic, not expensive, and has cutting edge AWD, can go for Mazda i- Active. But if you are still happy with your older one and are just looking for Mazda parts with good discount then site partsavatar.ca  can provide a lucrative offers.

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