Is an After Market Exhaust System Worth It?

Even the best vehicles on the market can be improved with some aftermarket performance parts. However, when most people think about upgrades, they aren’t thinking about the exhaust. So, you may wonder if adding an aftermarket exhaust system is worthwhile. The short answer is yes, in many cases.

What Does Your Exhaust Do?

Internal combustion engines create gases as the pistons fire. The exhaust system allows these gases to escape, usually from the rear of the vehicle. In addition to this, many exhaust systems reduce and refine the noise from the exhaust and reduce the emissions using catalytic converters.

How Does Your Exhaust Affect Performance?

Exhaust systems can inhibit the flow of gases out of the engine. Original equipment manufacturer exhausts often are less focused on performance and more on noise management and emissions. So, an aftermarket option can help you get the best performance from your vehicle while still respecting your neighbors and the environment.
Generally, exhaust flow is more important for high-displacement engines with more cylinders. So, an 8-liter V8 will get more from a new exhaust than a 2-liter inline-4. Nonetheless, a less restrictive exhaust can help almost any engine. Furthermore, changing your exhaust is one of the easiest ways to get more power.

Sound an Appearance

Let’s face it, part of owning a performance vehicle is the aesthetic appeal. The sound of the exhaust note is a big part of the experience. The right aftermarket exhaust can help you tune that sound to be just the right volume and tone. Many aftermarket exhausts are also very cool looking and can give your vehicle the style you’ve been seeking.

Learn More

Don’t forget about your exhaust when you are working on your vehicle. It is an essential component with a big impact on performance. Check out some of the highest quality exhaust mufflers, pipes and catalytic converters to see what you could do for your car.

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