Make Your Car Run Better With the Cold Air Intake

The properties of combustion engine are combined to get a complete solution to increase the efficiency of any other engine. The mechanism involved in cold air intake is that all the cold gases around the system are fed into the engine, which increases its efficiency. Just before the engine is ignited, some amount of gas is already present in it. This helps in the proper combustion and with every stroke; the amount that is produced depends upon the capacity of the engine. The rule is, the more oxygen your engine gets, the higher power it gives! Besides the high power generation, there might also be an improvement in the fuel economy.

What is a cold air intake system?

Mac engineering has suggested this new product for improving the efficiency of one’s engine. It operates on the principle that it is always much denser than the hot air which means that it carries much more oxygen. This system works on the principle; cold air will provide better combustion in the engines and thus might improve the capacity of the engine.


It is a very cost-effective solution for improving the capacity of one’s engine. The company sells it for a low price and even designs it on your own if you wish to test its effect before buying it!


The effectiveness of the cold air intake system varies from car to car. Thus if your friend’s car showed an improvement of 15 MP, you cannot be sure that your car will show the same. Although it is guaranteed that, you will gain some profit from the system. On average, there is an improvement of eight to 25 MP in almost every car.

The cold air intake is to be installed in your car for better efficiency. An extra duct has to be installed. So if you are thinking that it will look awkward, give it a second thought. These systems are now available in various colors and shapes so that the system matches the overall look and appearance of your car. However, if you choose to modify the system based on the design, it will obviously involve a higher price. Various kinds of cold air intake systems provided by the manufacturer not only are cheap but also improve the engine capacity to the maximum. Keeping the system clean is yet another responsibility and you can do it on a weekly or monthly basis. Simply rinse it with a mild detergent to avoid dirt.

Signs it may be time for a cleaning

Because more air is sucked into the filter, it also brings in more dust and grime. As the filter begins to clog, it’s understandable that your engine will begin to lose horsepower and fuel efficiency. You have to clean the cold air intake. Be aware of these signs:

  • Decreased fuel economy
  • Overall loss of performance

Reduced horsepower

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