How to make your car look cooler

If you love your car you’ll surely want to take its specifics into your own hands. And we’re not talking about costly massive upgrades that’ll turn your ride into a need-for-speed monster. No matter how extravagant the expression ʽpimp my rideʼ sounds, it’s actually a pretty open-ended process. The trick is to find the perfect mix of practical improvements to your car’s specs and souping up the look. We’ve put together some affordable solutions that will take you down the cool lane of the road.

Wash & Clean

This might sound far from ʽpimpingʼ, but if you want your car to look cool the first thing is to get rid of anything that doesn’t. And that’s dust, upholstery stains, crumb, dirt, grime, etc. Having that in mind, the full-scale wash can instantly make your car look way cooler. Just don’t forget to clean under the hood, too – your engine also needs to be clean from corrosion, oil, grime, and leaves.
When it comes to the interior, it’s not enough just to vacuum. It’s important to get your carpets and seats shampooed, especially if you have kids or pets. Shampoo can make your upholstery look brand new and it will eliminate any bad odors. If the upholstery has deteriorated significantly, invest in floor mats and seat covers – it’s not only a quick and easy fix, but they’ll also prevent future damage and stains.

Fix, Paint & Wax

Not everything can be washed away – if there are some scratches or dents, they need to be fixed. When it comes to scratches, you can use inexpensive repair pens, but only if they don’t go through the actual paint. If they’ve caused some paint issues, it’s best to bring it into a body shop. The trickiest part of fixing those deeper scratches is to match the paint exactly, so it’s recommendable to buy the original factory touch-up paint that would be an exact match.
Dents are much worse than scratches since they draw much more negative attention, even suggesting you don’t know how to drive, which is a complete opposite of cool. There are various methods to remove dents, the hot glue one being the best if you already have a new coat of paint which you don’t want to ruin. Pick whichever you prefer, just don’t try to cover dents with paint since that will just make them look worse.
If you really want to give your car a facelift, getting a new paint job will undo years of damage to the exterior and make it look young and vibrant again. Going for this option eliminates the restriction of your car’s original factory paint – no color, or combination of colors, is out of the reach.
Waxing is not just a vanity ritual, although Hollywood movies tend to show it that way. It’s not only about a nice shine since waxing can also remove small swirl marks and scratches. Furthermore, it’s a protection of your car’s paint from future scratches, rust, or fading. Who would thought that something that cheap and easy would be so efficient, right?

Replace, if Needed

The best replacement for making your car shine is the lights, no pun intended. If your headlights are old, low-quality, and foggy, they’ll make your car look tired and aged. Replacing them with new great looking ones will make it look fresh and sharp, and therefore generations younger. Tail lights replacement will create a similar outcome, and if the budget is the problem you can simply replace the bulbs for an updated look.
The story with wheels is somewhat different. It’s undeniable that new wheels will surely make your car stand out, but the cost greatly varies. So replacing your wheels is not always the best option, especially if you already have an old set of expensive wheels. If they’re peeled, chipped, or corroded, there’s always an option of restoring instead of replacing.  There are shops who can do this by sanding them down and refinishing them, or you can do it yourself. Whatever you opt for, it’s definitely a cheaper route.
Alternatively, why not consider  using the best DIY ceramic coating.

Wrap it up in Personality and Mystery

This is the part where we move from cool to way cooler. Wrapping is definitely the coolest way to completely overhaul the look of your car due to limitless options. The flawless paint job is one thing, but wrapping is a risk-free way to give your ride a unique personality. The list of effects and styles you can create is endless, so all you have to do is to take your idea to Octane Signage and let the magic happen. You can cover your car completely with vinyl wrap or choose to cover just a portion like a roof or the hood. These wraps won’t damage the original paint and you can remove them at any time. If a part of it gets dirty or damaged, you’ll be able to replace only that section.
Every strong personality needs a hint of mystery, and that’s exactly what you’re gonna get with tinting your windows. This mystery factor will add class and privacy to your car at the same time. Just remember to do it tastefully so your cool ride doesn’t turn into a suspicious one which will be pulled over constantly.
As you can see, most things on this list are simple and inexpensive modifications. Just washing and cleaning can get you a long way down theʽ coolʼ lane, and small fixes and repairs, a new coat of paint, and regular waxing will keep you there. Finish it up with some wrapping and tinting and your ride will not only look way cooler, but straightforward unique.
Author: Neil White is a automotive & travel journalist from Sydney. Neil was into cars since he can remember, and road trips are his greatest childhood memory.
Combining journalism and traveling is something that he was dreaming about, so now he is considering himself a really happy person.

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