Louis Thomas Stanley died aged 92

Tuesday 8th January 2002

Louis Thomas Stanley died aged 92. A former journalist and then managing director of London’s Dorchester Hotel, Big Lou became more involved with motor racing when he married Jean, sister of Sir Alfred Owen, chairman of the Owen Group of companies that owned the BRM title and team. As Sir Alfred’s health declined, Mr. Stanley assumed greater importance at the head of the race team together with Jean. They would later take over the reins in full and rename the outfit into Stanley-BRM in 1974. An honorary secretary of the Grand Prix Drivers Association, he was one of the driving forces for greater safety and became Director General of the Grand Prix Medical Service active from 1967. It was Stanley who lured brands like Yardley and then the Philip Morris concern into motorsport sponsorship with the Marlboro cigarette livery, the longest ever sponsorship commitment of any non-automotive brand to the sport.

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