Looking for a reliable Driving Instructor and where best to look?

When you are looking for a driving instructor either for yourself or in my case my eldest son, there are a lot of different places you can look, of course you have all the individual driving school websites and then you have your local paper, Facebook, Google, Ask Jeeves and a whole host of other sources of information.

Then once you have found one you have to go through the whole rigmarole of finding the reviews or people you may know that have used that school, what are the pass rates like, how much is a group of lessons, what free lessons could I get?

This is all very time consuming and to be honest can get a bit overwhelming, I haven’t had the need for a driving instructor in 20 years and when I decided to start looking my quick google search was driving lessons in Manchester and thankfully I found a site that was perfect for me Manchester Driver Training.

Being able to go through and find a driving school that ticked all of my boxes it was a god send, I didn’t really want a franchise school like the AA or Red as I know the instructors have a lot of targets to hit and most of the time this can mean that they are over-subscribed and literally do what they are paid to do whereas I feel that a local small outfit are more focused on their pupils / students rather than just churning through as many as possible in a day to make sure the top franchise earns all the money they can

The problem with having this mindset is when you do Google you will find that all the big companies are the first 3 pages of search results even if they are nowhere near you, but having a comparison site made it so much easier for me to filter out the bigger players because I was searching just my area.

I think when you are allowing your child to get in a car with someone that isn’t you and they are driving with not much experience you worry and as I said above I think having a local instructor rather than a big franchise makes me think they may have a bit more care than a faceless organisation

I am lucky that I managed to actually get the same driving school and driving instructor that I had all them years ago for my son, this as a parent put me at great ease. I knew that the instructor was a good one, but we also had that familiarity that tends to be at ease.

The instructor put a lot of extra time as my son learned such as taking him on motorways and big A roads, that he never charged me for and I don’t think ever expected to be paid for, but because he set his own targets and his own hours he was able to do this (again I think where we should always go local, as if you don’t use it you will lose it)

My son has now been driving 6 months with no incidents, has done over 200 miles on motorways in that time commuting to work and I can proudly say I am not worried when I get in a car with him and this is down to the faith that the instructor not only put in my son but also me.

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