Kia Sorento vs Honda CR-V


Both the cars are powered by 2.4-liter inline 4 engines, and even the power and torque figures are pretty familiar. While the CR-V boasts of typical timeless and elegant design, the Sorento comes across as more butch and muscular. In terms of dimensions, the Kia Sorento is longer, wider and taller, which gives it an adherent advantage in terms of space and practicality. The added convenience of good ground clearance makes it more capable when pitted against the segment leader, the CR-V. That said, this crossover from Honda offers everything that a buyer wants, be it refinement, fuel efficiency or brilliant interior packaging.
The Sorento might be more capable, and practical, yet, the driving experience offered by the CR-V is still a notch above the competition, not to mention, the tremendous reputation its badge brings along. With the Sorento, you’ll be happy psychologically, while the CR-V will pull your heartstrings

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