How to keep your motorbike safe – get all the essentials

As a true motorcycle enthusiast and someone who spends more time on two wheels than anywhere else, you would want to know how to adequately protect your motorcycle.

Given that motorbike thefts have become more frequent lately, the essence is to understand how you can effectively and easily ensure your bike so that it is protected not only from theft but also from various potential damages.

In the following text, we have prepared essential tips that will be more than valuable for you to keep your motorcycle safe. Let’s get started with the essential number one, shall we?

Use a GPS Tracker to monitor the location of your bike

In the rare moments when you are not on two wheels and you want to be completely at peace, the best thing you can do is to get the Monimoto GPS Tracker for your motorbike. Why is this so crucial to have as a devoted biker?

First of all, this tracker allows you to monitor the exact location of your motorbike anytime if your paired Key Fob isn’t around. You will also be able to get a location update daily.

What’s interesting to note is that this particular GPS tracker uses advanced technologies such as GLONASS and Telit loT to provide you with the exact location of your bike in case your GPS isn’t available. Another crucial thing to understand is that you will get notified if your bike suddenly changes its location.

Get a lock, chain, and cover for your motorbike

Another essential that will make your motorbike safe from any potential theft is to get a lock, chain, and cover. First of all, the disk lock is crucial for your motorbike safety because disc locks secure the front brake disc or a grip lock for securing the throttle controls and the brake. A D lock right on the front wheel will prevent it from being wheeled away.

Since thieves are usually stealing motorbikes by breaking their steering locks, which allows them to wheel away with your bike. If you decide to use a chain lock through the back wheel and the lock taut to an immovable kind of objects such as the street furniture or ground anchor, the bike will be safe from thieves who will try cutting a lock trailing on the ground. In case this isn’t possible, it’s always good to try to thread
the chain through your back wheel and bike frame.

Another essential thing to understand is that when thieves are looking for a “bike victim”, they are looking for a particular bike model to steal. Therefore a good cover will be a good solution for hiding your bike and its brand from prying eyes.

While this is not the most adequate way to protect your engine from theft, it can certainly help a lot, if nothing else, even if your bike does not attract attention on the street or some other visible place.

Keep your motorcycle in your garage or shed

The best possible protection for your engine is to keep thieves from noticing. Keeping your bike in the locked garage or shed is one of the best solutions for its absolute safety. Numerous thieves worldwide won’t bother much to break into your locked garage if they’re not sure whether they will encounter a bike of their interest or not.

Therefore, it is essential to upgrade garage door locks or fit a garage door defender to keep these villains away. For extra security, you should consider fitting a ground anchor and using the garage and shed alarms. Keep in mind that bike lockers are  also a good idea to store your motorbike at home.

If you don’t own a garage or shed, it’s advisable to park your bike in the safest place possible, preferably out of sight, and covered with good lighting just in ca

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