Is it Worth Becoming a Car Wash Manager in 2022?

There are some services that will always be in demand regardless of the state of the economy and running a car wash service has to be considered one of those highly resilient industries.

With the right car wash management training behind you, there could be some great opportunities to earn a good living and send your career on an upward trajectory.

Naturally enough, it is not all plain sailing. That’s why it is worth understanding the merits of being a car wash manager right now, plus an insight into some of the downsides that you might need to think about.

What sort of money could you make?

The average hourly rate that a car wash manager can make often raises a few eyebrows when you discover how lucrative the position can be.

A typical car wash manager might be able to command an hourly rate of more than $30 per hour. That means your annual income could be well north of $65,000.

The number of positions available in the car wash management sector is growing annually and that means there can be plenty of opportunities to earn that sort of money and find new openings to boost your career prospects.

What does the role of a car wash manager involve?

With the right sort of training, you could definitely learn how to become a competent manager.

It also helps if you have a certain set of skills that tend to be commonplace amongst established car wash managers. It often pays to have good communication and customer service skills. Having an analytical eye can also be a useful personal trait, as you often need to have a good understanding of numbers and performance analytics.

What sort of education do you need?

The route to becoming a car wash manager varies. Approximately a third of existing car wash managers have a bachelor’s degree, but only a handful have also got a master’s degree.

You can certainly become a car wash manager with a college degree, and it is entirely plausible to reach this position even if you only have a high school degree or GED.

Bring some experience to the role

Running a car wash involves a set of skills that are transferable from other roles that you may have had in the past.

In general, if you have some experience as a manager, regardless of which industry that is in, it will be seen as a positive when applying for a car wash manager’s position.

It can also be useful if you have some experience in sales. At the end of the day, running a car wash is a people business and if you are good at talking to people and giving them great customer service it will enhance your prospects as a car wash manager.

You will have to be prepared to be flexible when it comes to the hours and days you need to work in this role. Being a car wash manager is not a 9-5 job. However, the rewards more than compensate for the potentially unsociable hours you might have to work from time to time.

All things considered, becoming a car wash manager could prove to be a good career move.

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