Is It Easy To Get a Job as a Car Salesman?

Automotive sales representatives are a crucial part of the industry and can help buyers make decisions while playing a role in a dealership’s profitability. While the career requires certain qualifications and a high level of focus, it’s a great occupation. Here, we’ll explore what car salespeople do, how much they make, and how easy it is to become one.

What Do Car Salesmen Do?

An automotive sales representative’s job is to help customers select vehicles for lease or purchase. Salespeople often help buyers evaluate their choices by explaining vehicle features, fuel economy, model, and make. They also accompany clients on test drives, giving them a feel for how a car runs, and they help buyers complete purchase paperwork. As far as spanish fork employment goes, automotive sales is a great field to get into.

How Much Money Do Car Salesmen Make?

The average car salesperson makes about $70,000 per year, with exact figures varying by location. Most representatives get a base salary, which they’ll receive no matter how many vehicles they sell. Commissions determine a salesperson’s overall income, with the average commission being approximately 25% of the dealer’s earnings.

Becoming a Salesperson

Although it’s easy to become an automotive sales representative, you’ll need to follow a few steps, including:

  • Fulfilling minimum education requirements. Most dealerships require sales reps to have a GED or high school diploma. If you’re striving to become a sales manager or supervisor, consider pursuing a degree in finance or business.
  • Gaining relevant experience. Many dealerships require salespeople to have prior experience. Proving your communication abilities and focusing on customer service will differentiate you from other job seekers. Prospective sales agents can gain experience in any job requiring client interaction.
  • Getting licensed. While licenses aren’t required in all areas, they’re a necessity in many states.
  • Finish training. Once a salesperson is hired, they’ll likely need to go through a training course before selling cars.

Once these steps are completed, you’ll be ready to get to the showroom floor and make some sales.

Automotive Sales FAQs

Here, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about selling vehicles.

  • What’s it like in the showroom? Sales representatives typically spend time in and out of the dealership. Most sellers display cars on outdoor lots, and team members spend plenty of time outside. Indoors, most sales reps have office spaces, where they’ll spend most of their days.
  • What skills do car salespeople need? Of all the skills a representative may have, communication is essential. Salespeople spend a lot of time educating customers and convincing them to make the right choices, so they also need customer service, technical, listening, organization, and negotiation skills.

Most car salespeople work full-time, or about 40 hours per week—but schedules may vary. For instance, a representative may work from 9 am to 5 pm one month and 12 pm to 7 pm the next. Dealerships are open on weekends and nights, which means extra work.

Becoming an Automotive Salesperson Takes Dedication and Commitment

Becoming an automotive salesperson isn’t hard, but some sacrifices are required. By fulfilling educational requirements, acquiring the necessary skills, learning about the job, gaining relevant experience, and focusing on customer satisfaction, anyone can have a fulfilling career in the automotive sales field.

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