Should I go for Windshield Replacement or Windshield Repair?

Most car owners struggle to decide between windshield replacement and windshield repair. They frequently become stuck for a variety of reasons, ranging from their hectic schedule to preoccupancy.

Whatever the reason, ignoring a windshield crack is not wise. There are several reasons you should not postpone getting a damaged windshield fixed. Not only does a damaged windshield look unappealing, but also, it’s an apparent safety hazard.

If you’re also unable to choose between Windshield Replacement or Windshield Repair, read this post and then check out Lucky Dog Auto Glass. Here, we will discuss all the aspects that you need to consider before making a choice.

So, let’s get started…

As a rule of thumb, you should first assess the damage to determine whether to go for a car glass repair in Delhi or if a complete windshield replacement is required. Typically, a coin test can assist you in estimating the damage. Perform the test with a Re 1 coin. Place the coin on the hit mark and see whether or not the crack is visible. If the crack is visible, you will most likely require a replacement; if not, a car glass repair will suffice.

However, this test is not just sufficient to make the decision. Possibly your windshield might have internal damage as well. In such a situation, we recommend visiting a professional. A professional can better help you with the right decision. However, if you lack time to see a professional, consider the following factors to determine the extent of the damage.

1. The size of the crack:

The first thing to consider before choosing between windshield repair and windshield replacement in Delhi is the size of the crack. A chip or rupture of up to 2 inches can easily be repaired. But, again, the type of crack also matters.

Chips that can be repaired include star break, bee’s wing, bull’s eye, half-moon, cloverleaf, and combination break. The important thing to remember is that minor chips, no more than two, can be repaired. Anything more than that necessitates the replacement of a car windshield.

2. The Amount of Damage:

Another most important factor to consider is the amount of damage. The windshield is typically a sandwich glass with an outer glass and an inner glass that are bonded together by a layer of PVB. This sandwich may be harmed by gravel road pebbles and stones, heavy construction vehicles, or if parked under a tree.

The top laminated layer is chipped as a result of the impact. A small crack indicates a minor impact and is repairable. If a rock flies through your windshield and jabs a hole in it, or if your windshield develops many chips, or if minor cracks and chips in the windshield cause cracks in your car’s front window, you should replace it. You can determine whether your windshield needs to be repaired or replaced based on the depth the object has damaged it.

3. The location of the crack:

Finally, the location of the crack is an important factor in determining whether you need a windshield repair or replacement. If a crack extends to the outer edge of your windshield, it must be replaced entirely.

Because when the edge cracks, the glass in the car becomes loose and unstable, posing greater safety risks. Replace the windshield if the crack is in the driver’s line of sight. It can impair the driver’s vision of the road ahead, which is why we recommend immediate windshield replacement in Delhi. Windshield repair is possible if the ding has not penetrated and is only visible on the surface, or if the crack is less than 2 inches in length, and if the driver’s visibility is not impaired.

Wrapping up…

So, these are the three factors to consider while determining whether to go for windshield repair or windshield replacement in Delhi. Regardless of whether a repair or replacement is required. It is critical that you get it done as soon as you discover the problem with the windshield.

Windshield replacement or repair will not take long. A windshield repair takes about 30 minutes, and a windshield replacement takes less than two hours. Nothing is too much when it’s about the safety of us and our loved ones’ lives!

If still, you’re unable to choose, come to us; we have a team of experts ready to assist you. They’ll walk you through the process and never suggest a replacement if a repair is possible. We’ve been dealing with damaged windshields for numerous vehicle brands, including high-end car windshield replacement. We can provide you with the best solutions; contact us!

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