How To Use Google Ads To Increase Car Sales At The Dealership

Google is a powerful search engine that can truly change the way that people shop and the way that business is done. When someone gets on Google and searches for a car or searches for a dealership, information is collected. Google ads can help you get more traffic to your car dealership and help boost your sales.

Google Search Ads

Google offers a few different options when it comes to ads that might fit your needs for your dealership. First, there are Google search ads. These are ads that are targeted to potential buyers by age, location, gender, and even interests. These ads are effective and they are great for driving people to your dealership and the particular cars that you have on the lot. You can use Google search ads to be very precise in who you are marketing to and who you are trying to sell cars to.

These search ads often show up when someone searches a specific set of keywords. They might search for something like “car dealerships near me”, “cars for sale near me”, and more. These search terms are going to alert Google and allow the ad for your dealership to pop up. The person searching can then follow the ad and visit your car dealership website. They can search for a car that they might be interested in, and they can then set up a meeting or request more information about your vehicle.

How to Set up Your Ads

You need to do a few things to make sure that your search ads are going to reach the right people. You want to include search terms that are likely to be used. Using terms like “car dealerships near me”, “buy a car”,  or “car sales” can help you to target those individuals looking to buy a car. If you are selling new cars on your lot, you might want to create ads that work to target the specific make of car. This is especially helpful if you are a licensed dealer.

You can also work to target local buyers that are looking for a vehicle. Google ads do have the option to target those people that are near you and near your dealership, even allowing you to target those buyers that are within a certain radius of your dealership. Google ads have a rather high return on your investment and can help you to get more people into your dealership to purchase more cars.

Figuring out your ad copy is also important in the overall scheme of making your ads. You want to make sure that you are using terminology that is going to help drive people to your dealership, that you are effective and that you are approaching your potential buyers in the best way possible.

How Google Ads Help

Google ads are going to be very effective in that they are not very expensive but they can generate great leads for your dealership. They can help bring relevant traffic to your dealership and help to drive people that may potentially buy a car from you. With other advertising platforms, you have much less control over who sees your ads, much less control over how your ads are received, and you are not going to have as big of a return on investment.

Your ads are not just going to show up for every single person that stops by, they are going to show up to people that have been searching for what you offer and that is most likely to actually follow through with a purchase. Most people start their search for a car online and they most often go to Google or similar search engines to find out if there are any dealerships near them or any particular vehicles near them.

Google Display Ads

If you are unsure if Google search ads are going to be enough, or you simply want to cast a wider net, you can also use Google display ads. This type of ad is going to be one that displays to everyone, regardless of what they are searching for. This type of ad is not going to be as effective as a targeted ad, but it may still bring in some customers.

With a car dealership, it is going to be far less effective to use a display ad. Purchasing a car is a very big investment and most people are not going to see a display ad and decide to buy a car on a whim. If you are certain that you want to run a banner or display ad, you should be prepared to make less with this type of ad than you will with other Google ad options.

Are Google Ads Worth It?

When it comes down to it, Google ads are a great tool that can truly generate leads for your dealership and help to drive sales. As long as you have worked to create a targeted ad that is going to reach the right people, you can truly help to improve your sales overall with the help of Google search ads.

Setting up this type of ad is simple, it is effective, and can help get those people that are searching on Google for cars and dealerships to give your dealership a  chance and to come to see what cars you have in stock. Regardless, however, if you find yourself having trouble setting up Google ads or optimizing them, it might be best to reach out to an automotive advertising company that specializes in Google ads.

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