How To Lease a Car For Your First Time

Many people opt to lease a car as a cost effective and worry-free way of getting behind the wheel of a new car. If it is your first time leasing a car, keep reading to get tips on how to lease your car for the first time.

How does leasing a car work?

You probably know the procedure of purchasing a car through a loan. Leases are different from purchasing, and they’re not cheap. It is generally 2 or 4 years before you buy a vehicle.

After a lease term has expired you may renew or prolong this lease, acquire a new vehicle for a lower price and trade them for newer models.

Car dealers or car finance suppliers only ask for monthly lease payments that will be paid by your employer, business or from your pockets. You have the option of leasing a car .

To be eligible to lease a car, you need to meet the following requirements:

Not have more than 6 points on your driving license

  • Be between the ages of 21 and 70
    Have a full driving license for at least 1 year
    Have 2 or less claims against you were you were in the wrong, and
    Not have received advice from a medical practitioner not to drive

Choose an authenticated provider

A car leasing arrangement is a significant commitment as you take responsibility for a brand-new vehicle. The leasing companies and providers that provide cars will also be approved by BVRLA and the FCA for your car.

Depending on whether you contact a company directly or look for a similar deal online, it may be necessary for you to check that a company is legit.

Get GAP insurance if you can afford it

Guaranteed asset protection (GAP) insurance provides optional coverage to settle any outstanding payments owed on your rental car in case it is stolen or sold. The connotation of ‘gap’ refers to what has been paid and what is still owing.

Let’s pretend your agreement states that at the end of the lease, you can choose to buy the car for $14,000. If you crash the car before the lease comes to an end, your insurance company will calculate the current market value of the car and reimburse the outstanding amount to the dealership.

Think about a maintenance package for lengthier and high mileage leases

When leasing your car for more than 2 years, or driving more than 30,000 kilometers per year, maintenance packages may be an attractive choice for you. With shorter or lower-mileage leases, the risk of repairing worn-off vehicle parts is lower.

This is particularly true with a 1 year or 2 year agreement, because you may also get a manufacturer warranty if you have electrical or mechanical problems that are not due to your own fault.

Remember your budget

Knowing your monthly payment limits for lease installments can make a difference and ultimately reduce your stress when paying the these payments.

Keep in mind that missed payments can negatively impact your credit rating, cause additional charges and may eventually result in your vehicle to be repossessed. However, you should take into account more than just rent prices when planning a lease.

The cost of insurance and fuel must also be taken into account.

Examine the car before collection

A rental vehicle owner must always inspect the condition of the vehicle before the pickup. Do you notice any obvious damage to your lease car? It is best that you make an extensive inspection for 10-12 weeks before returning it.

This also means you can arrange for repair or replacement of the item you may require. Find out how to return your car to the rental agency and get everything you need to return your car without hassles. After the final approval process, the vehicle is checked by a car inspector.

Final considerations

Leases of cars are an alternative means of borrowing a car rather than getting a new car. Leasing a car is also the most affordable way to get newer vehicles for less than half the cost of their sale.

When the dealer calculates your monthly repayment, the vehicle is evaluated versus its original value. Similar to financing, the lower your rates for your purchases. The tax bill and other fees will be refunded if you leave the property before you leave the lot.

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