How To Clean A Windshield

There is nothing worse than trying to see through a smeared and dirty windshield. And although it might sound like a very easy thing to do, actually getting your windshield cleaned properly isn’t that simple.
I should know, since I have been searching for years to find the best way to achieve a streak-free, crystal clear result, and have been very frustrated.
In the summer things get worse since the heat causes oils and chemicals in the plastic as well as other materials in the cabin of your vehicle to leak out and then adhere to the windshield. This creates what is known as vinyl fog. When protectants are used it just makes things worse, and if anyone smokes inside of the car then that can add a film to the windshield glass along with all of the other surfaces in your vehicle.
Not only is a dirty windshield annoying, but it can be potentially dangerous as well since it limits you being able to see what is around you.
The following is the best way to get your windshield clean, but inside and outside.

Things You Will Need

Car Wax
Clary bar
Glass cleaner
Rubbing alcohol
Microfiber towels
Paper towels
Spray bottle

Clean The Exterior First

When you clean the outside part of the glass first it allows you to see how clean (or not) the inside of the glass is. You might not be aware of this, but the glass is actually the second biggest surface on your car after the painted panels.
Some people like using a bunched up newspaper or a paper towel. However, I have found that paper towels have a tendency to break down, and the residue is often left on the screen. Newspaper can potentially scratch the grass. I have found that using a microfiber towel is the best option – since they don’t leave a residue and are fairly inexpensive. Just make sure you remove any tags before using them.
Turn over the towel frequently or use a clean one and do your cleaning in the shade. Clean half of the windshield at a time. Use an ammonia-free glass clean, and clean the windshield using a circular motion.
After you have cleaned both halves, there is still more to be done if you want a really clean windshield.
You might think clay bars are only good to clean paintwork with. However, they do a really good job on glass as well. Pour warm water into a spray bottle (grime is loosened up between with warm water than cold water). Then spray a generous amount of water on the glass. Use your clay bar to work at all different angles. Anytime you feel some resistance, focus on the area to get rid of contaminants that are embedded in the glass. Continue spraying lots of water on the glass as you work.
After you are finished, take out a fresh microfiber towel and use it along with glass cleaner to clean the windshield and get rid of any residual clay. Use a microfiber towel to thoroughly dry the glass.
Here is the last step to take. Grab some car wax (the same kind that is used on your car’s paint job) and apply it over the windshield glass. When the screen is waxed it adds an extra protective layer (just as it does to the paintwork). It will be much easier to wipe off bird droppings and grime, and water beads will fall off. Be sure all parts of your windshield are covered in wax. Use a circular motion and apply the wax in a thin layer using a moderate amount of pressure. Let it sit for about five minutes before wiping a small area with your finger. The glass should be clear instead of smug. If so, then you can remove the wax. Use your microfiber cloth to buff it off, using a circular motion and turning the cloth over frequently. Also, make sure that you remove any wax from black trim and pieces since the wax will dry a white color and look unattractive.
Now use another towel to give a final buff to the windshield. Using a circular motion to start, and then wipe up and down to finish.
Spray glass cleaner onto a microfiber towel and then run it along the edges of your car’s wiper blades to clean them.

Cleaning The Inside Of Your Windshield

If there are aftermarket tinted windows on your car, then avoid using an alcohol-based glass cleaner. Just use soapy water to clean the tinted windows instead. A drop or two of detergent with water in a spray bottle is enough to do the job.
It isn’t easy cleaning the inside of the windshield, partly due to the fact that it isn’t getting into the tight areas that are between the dashboard and glass.
First of all, use a dry microfiber towel to wipe the windshield.

Here is a tip from Low Price Auto Glass. Climb into the front of your car facing the fear. Then, use a backhand motion to clean the dashboard. When you use this technique you will be able to get your get your fingers in the small gap as well as apply pressure. Any handy tip is to not let your cloth come into contact with any of the other surfaces in your car besides the glass since that will pick oils up and they will get transferred onto the windshield. Get a clean towel if you happen to drop the one you are using on the dash or another part of the car.

Spray some rubbing alcohol onto a microfiber cloth and use it to de-grease the glass. Use a paper towel to wipe off any liquid that happens to fall onto the dash immediately. Don’t use your microfiber cloth. After the glass is de-greased, use another microfiber towel to dry it.
Spray some glass cleaner on a microfiber towel. You don’t want to directly spray it onto the glass since that will end up over spraying onto the other surfaces of the car. Use a circular motion to clean the glass. Turn your towel over the wipe the inside of the windshield up and down, going from top to bottom.

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