The History and Evolution of the Rolls Royce Ghost

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If you are a car enthusiast, you will agree that no other vehicle brand offers more luxury, comfort and class than the Rolls Royce. Consequently, all their models have a high price tag and only rich people can afford them. The manufacturer has maintained high standards for many years, thus building a strong reputation for the vehicle.
In recent years, this car brand produced an especially high-end model going by the name Rolls Royce Ghost. To be precise, it was announced in the year 2009 at a glamorous Auto Shanghai event. Although this model is smaller, it has more to offer for the price than the bigger and more expensive Phantom.

2009 Rolls Royce Ghost

The initial plan for this model was to offer competition to the Mercedes-Benz S Class and Bentleys in the UK market. The vehicle has borrowed a lot from the BMW 7 series since the two companies work together in many ways. The engine of the Ghost only takes 4.7 seconds to accelerate the vehicle from 0-60, which is very impressive. Unbeknownst to many, the engine is just a modified version of the BMW 7 series engine.
According to reports, there are other features that it shares with the BMW including the iDrive technology and some ornamental designs. This was just the beginning of an interesting journey for this vehicle as we are going to see below. Although the initial plan was to make it for the UK market only, the decision was made later in the year 2011 to include production for other European countries also.

2014 Rolls Royce Ghost

During the release of the newly updated Ghost model at the Geneva Auto Show, anyone could quickly notice the many changes that had been made. Those who have worked with Milani Exotic Car Rentals will quickly notice these two models when choosing their preferred cars to rent.
The first thing that looks different about the 2014 model is the exterior. Slight modifications give it an even more stylish and classy appearance. With updated headlights, one can only conclude that the new exterior design of the Ghost is even better than the older model. Notably, some design adjustments were made to the hood as well as the front grill and the sides.
Moving on to the interior, the dynamic driving package is a plus because it improves the driver experience. It is a technology that uses satellites to give the driver location information and directions. Some other add-ons were included in the interior, and its perfection illustrates how flawlessly planned and executed the vehicle was. The result is nothing less than a stunning machine that many people admire and wish they could drive even for a day.


Since the 2014 changes, the Rolls Royce Ghost has not been altered in any way. They continue to manufacture the model with these features. According to reports, this is a clear indication that no changes to this incredible design are needed. The technology in the car has not yet become outdated. If you have not driven this car, you can check with a reputable car rental company to have the experience for a day or two.

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