Here’s Why Purchasing a Compact or Subcompact Car Is a Smart Choice

Daily commutes, rushing around town, and running your endless errands are just the biggest reasons why compact and subcompact cars are a practical choice. Also, automakers are adding creative and lavishing touches to these cars to maximise on the interior space, while adding upscale amenities. Do you want to find out why small cars for sale Boonah has today are so popular among prospective and current car owners?

Below are some essential features that make purchasing these compact and subcompact cars a smart choice for any driver.

Improved engine designs and fuel economy

The four-cylinder engine in most small cars, including the Fabia for sale, is a practical choice, especially when paired with five, six or more automatic speeds for improved fuel consumption. The sporty versions of compact and subcompact vehicles also even have a turbocharged four-cylinder engine! Manual-transmission small cars tend to be thriftier compared to automatic models, but the difference is fast becoming non-existent.

Vehicles with electric or fuel hybrid technologies help you save vast amounts of cash on petrol, but the high initial cost of hybrids may take a couple of years to recoup.

Multiple drive wheel options

Most small cars feature front-wheel drive, which is useful in slippery conditions since the engine sits directly on the drive wheels. As you shop around for a Fiat 500 for sale, you will come across some with all-wheel drive (AWD) technology which distributes power to all wheels for best traction in slippery conditions.

A host of safety features

One thing is definite—compact and subcompact cars provide the type of responsive handling that helps drivers avoid accidents altogether. Most of the new cars for sale Boonah has today feature the standard front airbags, lap-to-shoulder belts in all seats, and low-latch attachments in rear seats. They also have front and back-side window protection with head-cushioning curtain airbags.

The electronic stability control (ESC) feature in the Ford Mustang for sale QLD dealerships sell ensures brakes are applied to individual wheels to stop sideways slides while cornering. The feature is standard on new cars, but if you are interested in a used vehicle, make sure that it is equipped with such a technology. ESC helps reduce the chances of certain crash situations, like rolling over.

Advanced safety technologies include automatic emergency braking (AEB) and forward-collision warning (FCW), and they are standard on new compact and subcompact cars. AEB brakes the car when it senses a possible collision and delayed reaction on your part. FCW, on the other hand, provides a tactile, audible, or visual alert of an impending collision with an object or vehicle in your path.

Other modern safety features include telematics, which alerts emergency personnel when airbags deploy; lane-keeping, which assists you to keep your small car in the lane when you drift; and blind-spot systems, which indicate other vehicles you cannot see beside or behind you.

Where to get a good model

Whether you are looking to purchase new or used compact and subcompact cars, you need to work with an experienced motor vehicle dealer. Scenic Motors Beaudesert is a leading provider of cars for sale Boonah wide who will help you choose a good model that works for you. Get in touch with the experts at for the best small car buying experience.

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