Hawaii Car Transport: Ultimate Checklist & Guide

Hawaii is an ideal destination for many people looking for a better place to live and study. It’s a reality that many people relocate in the other direction, back to the mainland. There are many challenges to examine when you are moving such a distance across the ocean, and it requires a lot of information and preparation.

Moving all your possessions is a major consideration, but doing something about your car is one of the tough challenges. When settling into a new location on the mainland or Hawaii islands, having your own transport will make things much easier for you.

There is too much annoyance and expense involved in selling your old vehicle and buying a new one. A much smarter option that most people go for is to utilize a reliable Hawaii car transport service. Below provides the ultimate transport cars checklist and guide.

 Shipping a Car From Hawaii to Mainland

You can ship your car to Hawaii from several different ports. There is Long Beach, San Diego, and Oakland in California and for Washington, you can ship your car from Tacoma and Seattle. The four most famous ports in Hawaii are:

  • Kauai, Nawiliwili
  • Maui, Kahului
  • Oáhu, Honolulu
  • Honolulu, Big Island of Hawaii

If you’re looking for a reliable service, Car Shipping Hawaii offers a door to port service if you want to ship a car to Hawaii. It means that they will pick your car up from a location and it’ll be delivered to a port on a Hawaii island of your choosing.

 How Does Hawaii Car Shipping Process Work?

  1. Get a quote and book your order
  2. Prepare your vehicle for shipping
  3. The auto transport company picks up your vehicle
  4. The auto transport company delivers your vehicle

 How Much Will It Cost to Ship My Car to Hawaii?

The cost to ship your car to Hawaii depends on several factors. It includes:

  • The distance (pick-up and delivery locations)
  • Shipping a vehicle from a metropolitan or rural location
  • Make, model, and year of the car being transported
  • Whether your car is running
  • Type of auto transport service
  • The time of the year
  • Supply and demand for your particular route

How Long Will it Take to Ship a Car to Hawaii

Generally, it takes between one and three weeks. Consider the below table with some examples of various shipping timeframes.

Shipping a Car From Hawaii to Mainland

When you’re shipping your car from Hawaii to the mainland, your auto transport service starts when you arrive at the port. Before you leave make sure to gather certain documentation. It may include:

  • The Confirmation ID of your auto transport service
  • A Government-issued photo ID
  • Keys of your vehicle
  • Car registration documents
  • A letter of authorization
  • Power of attorney (if your car is financed or leased)
  • The car’s title ( if you are the owner)

Do I Have to be Available at The Port?

If you aren’t able to drive your car to the port, it’s not an issue. You are allowed to appoint a representative on your behalf. Make sure they are over the age of 18. Your representative will be responsible to bring the required documents.

So when your car finally arrives at a port on the mainland, you have two options:

If you are comfortable visiting the port on the mainland, you could go and collect your car yourself. It’s ideal for people who live near the port on the mainland. Before your car is released, you will be asked to provide certain documents. It includes

  • A copy of the title document and registration. Any names on these documents must match the shipping order if you’re the owner.
  • A letter from the lien holder. It must be issued within the last 30 days.
  • In case if the car has two owners, both must be present to collect the car or one of the owners must provide notarized consent that the vehicle can be shipped and collected.
  • Proof of ownership of the vehicle
  • Government-issued photo ID

For now, it may sound complicated, however, there is a much simpler option. An auto transport management company, like Car Shipping Hawaii, can collect your car from the port. They will load it onto an auto transport trailer and deliver it to your door. The only thing you need to make sure is to be available when they deliver your car.

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